8th CPC Formation and Pay Matrix from 01.01.2026

7th CPC was formed well in advance and the Commission submitted their report in due time.  The Forthcoming Pay Revision under 8th CPC is due in 2026 and to be effective for all Central Govt Employees and Pensioners.   Though Govt yet to take any initiative to form the Commission , it is essential to compute the Minimum Pay utilizing the guidelines of 15 ILC and Dr. Akroyd formula in order to determine the Fitment Factor or Uniform Multiplying Factor.

Under the proposed 8th  CPC, calculation of the Minimum Pay is arrived at after justification of various factors and based on the study and projections, it is expected that the minimum pay under the proposed 8th CPC could be set at ₹40,500. Such an increase compared to the recommendations of earlier Pay Commissions, reflecting the need to address the cost of living and inflation adjustments that have experienced over the last 8 years.

8th  Central pay Commission Fitment Factor – Uniform Multiplying Factor may be 2.25

Based on all the aspects related to the Pay and allowances , Pension etc of Central Govt Employees the proposed 8th CPC Fitment Factor (Uniform Multiplying factor) may be 2.25

It is apparent to mention that, Rationalization of pay as per the classification of Posts has been achieved in 7th CPC hence, there is no need to use different Fitment factor for the Levels in 8th CPC, as expected.

The Projected 8th Pay Commission Pay Matrix

It may be determined that the assessment is essential to ensure the compensation of central government employees remains aligned with economic realities and provides adequate livelihood support.   After analyzing various factors i.e. Minimum Pay and Fitment factor, we can project a comprehensive Pay Matrix for the 8th Central Pay Commission approximately, reflecting the necessary adjustments to their salary structure.

Lets have a look towards the initial Pay of all levels as estimated for the forthcoming pay revision under 8th CPC:


Approximate 3% Growth in salary as increment as earlier may also be expected

Disclaimer : The projection made in this website are being provided for informational purposes only. The estimates are just a projection of previous Pay Commission reports and based on present socio economic conditions which may be different from the actual recommendations of the CPC.

This is not a legal document. This website will not assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this Table and proposed fitment factor

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