Armed Forces Personnel Entitled Rs 20 Lakh Exgratia Lump sum Amount for Disability : Claim Now

It has been found that a large number of Armed Forces are released from service due to their disability and not fit for service in medical criteria. Considering the hardship being faced by the disabled Defence Service personnel, the question of grant of Ex-gratia lump sum compensation to the Defence Service personnel who are invalided out of service on account of disability attributable to or aggravated by military service, has been under consideration of the Government.

As per the Govt of India MoD letter dated 26 Dec 2011, the President has pleased to decide that such Defence Service personnel, who are disabled, incapacitated in the performance of their bonafide official duties under various circumstances and are boarded out from service on account of disability / war injury attributable to or aggravated by military service, shall be paid Ex-gratia lump sum compensation amounting to Rs. 9 lakhs for 100% disability.

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For disability / war injury less than 100% but not less than 20%, the amount of Ex-gratia compensation shall be proportionately reduced. No Ex-gratia compensation shall be payable for disability / war injury Jess than 20%. The proportionate compensation would be based on actual percentage of disability as certified by the Invaliding Medical Board, without apply. 2 broad banding provisions as contained in Para 7.2 of this Ministry’s above mentioned letter dated 31.01.2001.

The other terms and conditions for admissibility of Ex-gratia lump sum compensation pertaining to the circumstances, specified in this Ministry’s letter No. 20(1)/98/D(Pay/Services),. dated 22″4 September, 1998 and letter No. 20(5)/2009/D(Pay/Services) dated 4″ June, 2010 will be applicable to decide each individual case by the Pension Sanctioning Authorities concerned.

The provisions of the letter dated 26 Dec 2011 shall apply to all the eligible Defence Service personnel who are invalided out of service on or after 1.4.2011 ie., the date from which similar benefits are allowed to the personnel of Central Armed Police F orces (CAPF).

During the 7th CPC this provisions has beeen modified and the rate of the lump sum amount applicable for exgratia is 20 Lakh for 100% disabled cases and proportaely the amount will be reducced with the % of disability decreased.

It has been found that most of the LMC exservicemen did not recceive that amount due to their ignorance. All eligible disabled soldiers should approach their concerned Record Office and submit claim for release of Exgratia amount.

Copy of the MoD, DESW letters of 26 Dec 2011 and the modification/revision conducted during 7th CPC are available in the link provided below – CLICK HERE

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