CEA for Ex-Servicemen : Application Process and Documents Required

Exservicemen are entitled to get CEA ? It is well known that Central Govt employees including Defence personnel are entitled to get CEA as per applicable rate revised from time to time.  Yes, Exservicemen are also entitled to get CEA but this is Childred Education Assistance, not Children Education Allowance.  For the Academic Year  2023-24 you may apply now following the guidelines mentioned below.  Not eligible to apply for any previous years. Detailed information related to the Children Education Assistance are available here. 


₹1000/-Per Month/Per Child. AND IT IS APPLICABLE FROM Class-I to Post-Graduation. (Paid ₹12000/- Per Child once in a year).  To avail this benefit  you have to Apply ONLINE every year for each child. 


Exservicemen up to the Rank of Hav/Sgt/PO/Honorary Nb Sub and their Widows are eligible. JCOs, Officers and their Widows are NOT eligible. 

ESM can apply for his child upto Graduation level.  Widows can apply for her child upto Post-graduate level.

As directed by the KSB, do NOT apply for any Professional Courses. For professional courses such as BTech, MBBS, LLB, MBA etc pl apply for PMSS on the First Year of course.  To know detailed information on PMSS You may follow this article link below –

To avail this benefit, ESM/Widows must have ID Card from their concerned ZSB.   It is important to note down that only first two children are eligible. Third child eligible, when second and third children are twins. Triplets are also eligible.  Child should have passed and promoted to next higher class. Must give proof of passing class. 

ESM/WIDOWs should not be getting similar grant from other sources. A Self Certificate needs to be given.  ESM who have retired between 01 Apr 23 to 31 Mar 2024 are required to submit OFFLINE  application Forms to Record Office through ZSB concerned for awar of Children education allowance NOT assistance. 


Step-1: Open KSB (Kendriya Sainik Board) website:-  www.ksb.gov.in  .  Do ONE-TIME registration, using your service and civil details. If not registered before. 

Step-2: KSB will send you Login ID and Password to your registered mobile number and eMail on a working day. If ID & PW not received, contact:- KSB Helpline- 011-26715250.

Step-3: Log in to KSB website and open “Children Education Assistance”  page, and fill up the ONLINE FORM for each child separately.  

Step-4: Upload scanned copies of all original Documents.  Scan from Original Documents only. Do not scan from photocopies of documents. UPLOAD SPARSH PPO. 

Step-5: When finished, check thoroughly, take a print and then click on SUBMIT.  A KSB CEA Checklist is given below to check whether you have applied correctly. Follow the checklist. When your online application is submitted, on your PC it will show:- “Successfully Submitted and Pending at ZSB

Step-6: Visit ZSB  concerned with original documents for verification.   You will NOT get any call from ZSB to come for verification of your online application. 

Step-7: Your online Application will be checked by ZSB Clerk at Counter No 5. If any mistake found in your online Application, it will be put on Observation. You will get an alert msg on your registered Mobile No and Email ID.

Step-8: You should Log In to KSB website and check list of mistakes or Observations written at the bottom of your online Application Form.

Step-9: You must rectify all observations /mistakes in your online application and upload Application Form again WITHIN 30 DAYS. If you fail, your application will be automatically deleted by the system.  If your online application is deleted or rejected, You can AGAIN apply online before 30/11/2024. After this date you can NOT apply again. 

Step-10: If your online Application is checked and there is No Mistakes, then ZSB, Barasat will Recommend and send your applications online to Rajya Sainik Board (RSB).  Even after physical verification, your application may be shown as PENDING at ZSB. But need not to be worried, it will be cleared one by one as per seniority of Application Date. Don’t send me msg.  

Step-11: RSB will check and if No mistake found, they will fwd to KSB. You will get update msgs from RSB.

Step-12: In KSB your CEA Application will be checked and Approved. Then it will be sent to the Accounts Department of KSB for Payment. 

Step-13: Your CEA amount will be directly credited to your account by KSB. ZSB DO NOT pay you CEA. Don’t ask your ZSB for CEA money. There could be a delay of one year or more to get CEA money due to less funds available at KSB. 


1) Discharge Book(DB): of ESM. or  Service Certificates (SPC): of Widow. (all pages).

2) Family Particulars Page: Of Discharge Book/SPC. Page in which children names are written to be separately uploaded again. 

3) ZSB ID Card of ESM/Widow (Both sides).

4) Mark Sheet of Result: (2023-24). Rubber stamp of Principal/School Head is mandatory.

5) Adhaar Card: Scan copy of Original Adhaar Card of ESM/Widow. 


7) First Page of Bank Pass Book. (Original Stamped and Signed by Bank). You may upload a cancelled cheque also. Bank round stamp on Pass Book is mandatory. 

8) Self Certificate: To prove that similar grant is NOT received from other sources. If re-employed, get it countersigned by the current employer. Self Certificate is to be given by everyone, even if you are not re-employed/working. 

9) Death Certificate of ESM. Widows should upload Death Certificate of her husband (ESM) along with her ZSB ID Card. 


Important Points on CEA Application Procedure

1) Last date is given only to apply online for the FIRST TIME. 

2) There is NO LAST DATE to receive Mistakes/Errors/observations from ZSB/RSB/KSB. 

3) If you get any mistake/ observation from ZSB/RSB/KSB, then you MUST RECTIFY those MISTAKES and Re-submit (by uploading) again within 30 days from the date of observation. There is NO connection with this date, with 30/11/2024 (Last date to apply Online first time).  

4) There is no time limit for holding your Application by ZSB/RSB/KSB. If it is showing “Pending at ZSB or RSB or KSB, it will NOT get deleted after last date. ZSB/RSB/KSB CAN KEEP YOUR APPLICATION “PENDING” FOR ANY DURATION AFTER 30/11/2024 (LAST DATE of Online Application Date). 

5) ZSB STAFF CAN NOT CANCEL/REJECT your application. However, RSB and KSB can cancel or Reject your online application. 

Note-1: If your application is canceled or Rejected, you can apply again, before 30/11/2024 (last date of application). 

Note-2: If your application is Canceled or Rejected after 30/11/2024 (last date of application), you may apply for BOOK GRANT from state Govt. Contact ZSB. . 

Note-3: If your online application for CEA is shown as Pending at ZSB/RSB/KSB, YOU CAN NOT APPLY FOR WB GOVT BOOK GRANT.

6) Due to inadequate collection of Armed Forces Flag Day funds, CEA claims are pending for more than one year. As of now paid up to Sep 2023. You have to wait to get money. Everyone will get money, at least once. 

7) Till you get money, your application will be shown as “Pending at KSB.” 

Information source –  Zila Sainik Board, N24PGS, Barasat.

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