Army ESM may Get Refund Lakhs of Rupees from AGIF Insurance Scheme: Detailed Process

Indian Army Veterans are covered by Army Group Insurance (Extended). This scheme (AGIF) has changed its terms and conditions from time to time. In this article we will discuss mainly the covered terms and conditions regarding refund of premium amount or not. Some veterans will get refund and some will not. The table describing the periods under which the refund will be allowd or not is given here. Salient fetures of the AGIF is mentioned below :-

  • EI Scheme was introduced wef 01 Jan 81 as an extension of Insurance cover post retirement.
  • Covers specific period and is applicable as per the cover defined at the time of retirement (Please Note: Earlier retirees not entitled to cover provided by the later modifications to the scheme).
  • Onetime non-refundable premium deducted at the time of retirement.
  • Being a term insurance, no survival benefits nor any saving component.
  • EI Certificate is issued by AGIF to each individual on retirement.
  • On demise of ESM, NOK required to inform AGIF along with death certificate and the EI Certificate.
  • On re-employment, EI scheme is suspended as cover provided by existing insurance scheme
  • The EI Table below is for general awareness; specific terms and conditions are given in the EI Certificate. EI SCHEME TABLE (Note: Term Period of Cover is for No of yrs after retirement or age, whichever is earlier & Amt in Lacs):-

Table of Refund of AGIF

Ser NoPeriod of RetirementSum AssuredTerm of Cover(Whichever is earlier)Refundable
OffrsJCOs/ ORYrs Post RetirementAge in Yrs 
1.01 Jan 81- 31 Mar 8965,00030,0001065No
2.01 Apr 89 – 31 Mar 941 L0.5 L1065No
3.01 Apr 94 – 30 Jun 992 L1 L2070No
4.01 Jul 99 – 30 Dec 043 L1.5 L2072No
5.31 Dec 04 – 29 Jun 094L2L2675No
6.30 Jun 09- 30 Jul 106L3L2675No
7.31 Jul 10 – 30 Dec 136L3L2675Yes
8.31 Dec 13 – 31 Dec1410L5L2675Yes
9.01 Jan 15 – 31 Mar 1710L5L3080Yes
10.01 Apr 17 – 31 Dec 2110L5L3080No
11.01 Jan 22 – 31 May2210L5L26 – Offrs 30 – JCOs/ OR80 – Offrs 75 – JCOs/ ORNo
12.01 Jun 22 Onwards15L7.5LYes
Veterans may Get Refund Lakhs of Rupees from AGIF Extended Insurance Scheme
Veterans may Get Refund lakhs of Rupees from AGIF Extended Insurance Scheme

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