Correction of Name and date of Birth of Wife in  SPARSH PPO 

The Spouse (wife/husband) of an ESM is the first claimant of Pension & Entitlements on his/ her demise. It is important that details of spouse are correctly notified in PPO. There are elderly Veterans who retired when such provisions were not existing and many later retirees may have incorrect/ incomplete details of spouse endorsed in PPO/ SPARSH. In this article we have discussed the detailed procedure of correction of name or date of birth of wife.

Commutation Deduction not more than 10 Years 8 Months : Ordered by High Court Applicable to all pensioners

Please also remember, details in the Record of Service alone do not make the spouse automatically entitled to pension and entitlements. 

Endorsement in the PPO/ SPARSH is essential. Procedures for the following contingencies have been laid down: 

• Endorsement of Spouse Name in the Record of Service and_Date_of_Birth_of_Spous.pdf 

• Endorsement of Family Pension on demise of ESM after retirement _DEMIS.pdf 

• Endorsement of Spouse Date of birth in the PPO th_of_Spouse.pdf 

• Endorsement of name of Second Wife on demise/divorce of first wife of_Second_Wife.pdf 

• The Record Office/ORO or PCDA(P) may ask for certain additional documents.
• All documents are required to be processed with respective Record Offices, initiated by concerned ZSB. 
• Above actions are essential only then can the desired changes can affected SPARSH.

Information source – Official website of Indian Army Veterans Directorate.

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