CSD Canteen Online : Car and AFD Item Purchase Process

You may now purchase some items i.e AFD items through online CSD AFD Portal.  Booking and payment system is totally online.  Delivery of the items is physical.  You have to collect the challan from the URC and submit it to the dealer concerned to get delivery of the items.  Step by step process of how to purchase a Car or Bike or TV/AC/Fridge etc are described here –

Step 1 : Firstly you have to register yourself in the CSD AFD Portal.  To register your name in the CSD AFD Portal, visit the official website of the CSD AFD as per link provided at the end of this article.  Once you have created your profile successfully and your registration is approved by the Admin, you will get access to the marketplace wherein list of products alongwith its price and details of your nearby dealers are available.  

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So, you should make a thorough research of the product you need and available in your nearby CSD Dealers and the all – complete information is available once you log in to your CSD AFD Portal profile.  You need not to seek help and support from anyone.  So, select your product and Dealer from here.  You don’t need to place your order now.

The official website of the CSD AFD  where you need to enter your basic service details, canteen grocery card number, chip number etc.  –  https://afd.csdindia.gov.in  by clicking on “shop now” then “new register” Create your username and password.  Admin approval may take one or two days.

Note:- Don’t commit any mistakes while filling the form because once you fill and submit the form,  it is tough  to edit and till then the site will not allow you to Book the vehicle/ AFD product.

Step – 2  Now visit the CSD Dealer of the product concern/ showroom and get availability certificate and book your vehicle of your choice, colour,model etc by paying token of advance, if required.  Dont forget to note the Engine Number and Chasis Number of the vehicle so booked, if available.   Take a quotation of the vehicle as per CSD price alongwith  Availability Certificate.

Step – 3  :   Now after completing the above said initial formalities, you have to login to the CSD AFD Portal and select the item duly consider your state, CSD Depot, URC and Dealers name alongwith model of the Car.  Now upload the concerned documents whatever is required i.e – PPO, Adhar card, PAN card, CSD Card, ESM I card  etc.  Once you have placed the order and approved by Depot concerned, Pay button will be activated.  Now you have to pay the amount as per the product details in full.  In case of bank Loan, pay the your down payment part and inform your bank to pay the loan amount on the account number given on the portal.   Payment can be done only online mode.  No Bank Draft or Cheque or cash is accepted.

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You may have to upload all documents like proof of payments, AADHAR, PAN, Last Pay Drawn or PPO, Availability Certificate with engine and chasis number. After uploading all, you have to click at the bottom of the page, “Generate Challan.” After that you will get summary sheet. Take print out of the same and keep it safe with all other uploaded documents in duplicate.

Step 4 :  wait for 3-4 working days and you will get an intimation to collect your delivery challan/ Supply order. Visit to NOMINATED URC/CSD Canteen with all these copies, along with original Grocery Card and Identity Card.  The CSD person will check everything and keep the copies.  Now, collect the Supply order from CSD and submit it at the showroom / Dealer and collect your vehicle.

The process is semi-online.  Still you have to visit URC to collect the Supply order which is a lengthy process.  CSD Department is trying to make this step also online as the facility to download a pdf copy of the Supply order will be there.

Process of purchasing TV, AC, Fridge, Bike, Washing Machine and other AFD Items are similar as desribed here. So, firstly you need to register your profile, as it is one time process. Once you have register yourself, you may purchase items any times need not to again register .

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