CSD Rules

The Canteen Stores Department (CSD) is a retail chain of stores run by the Indian Armed Forces, providing goods at subsidized rates to servicemen, ex-servicemen, and their dependents. Here are some basic rules and functions of the CSD:

Eligibility: Only authorized personnel (military personnel, ex-servicemen, and their dependents) are allowed to purchase items from CSD.

Subsidized rates: CSD offers goods at subsidized rates to its customers, which is around 20-40% cheaper than the market price.

Products: CSD offers a wide range of products, including food items, household appliances, automobiles, two-wheelers, and other goods.

Payment: Customers can pay for their purchases in cash, by debit or credit card, or through a CSD smart card.

Availability: CSD has a widespread network of stores across India, with outlets located in major cities and towns.

Quality assurance: The products sold by CSD are thoroughly tested for quality, and only those that meet the required standards are sold.

Service: CSD provides excellent customer service, and customers can reach out to their customer care helpline for assistance or queries.

The Canteen Stores Department serves as a one-stop shop for the needs of military personnel, ex-servicemen, and their dependents, providing them with quality goods at subsidized rates.

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