DR on Arrears of Defence Pension by SPARSH

People are eagerly waiting for the pension for March 2024.  As you know , due to Financial year ending 20223-24, a large number of financial transactions were totally stopped on the last few days of March every year, as per Govt norms.  

As a result, your pay and pension was also not paid.  However, Govt has informed you vial email and mobile phone msg that, your pension was scheduled to be credited on 01 April which has been totally failed.  However, on 2nd & 3rd April, 33 lakh pensioners got the pension finally.

In the other hand a large of Defence pensionersexpected to receive their pension from SPARSH along with arrears for 3 months DR has alsso not come in true .  So, you may expect that your Arrears on DR of pension be credited by next week. 

It was expected that the arrears also be paid alongwith the Pension payment on the same day which would have set an example in the work ethics of the SPARSH. No matter, still you may rest assured that we are with a good organisation and SPARSH is working effectively.  Thanks a lot to the Team SPARSH.

If you still waiting for pension payment, need not to be worried.  As you know, the SPARSH use NEFT system for payment of the pension which is a batch wise processing and it takes time to complete payment of pension to the 33 lakh Defence Pensioners.  So, you may trust upon Team SPARSH as they are working effectively.

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