Download Important Forms for Ex-servicemen and Dependents

Ex-servicemen may avail several grants/financial assistance from the ZSB/RSB/KSB  for education, treatment, well-being and other purposes.  To send your request, you must submit your application in the prescribed format.  RSB, WB has published the download links of all these format of application form and application template which is reproduced here.

Download Forms : Link here

Serial NumberApplication Form DetailsDOWNLOAD
1.Application for Identity Card to ESMDownload
2.Application for  Identity Card to WidowDownload
3.Application for Dependent Card  (for Family members of Exservicemen)Download
4.Blank Ex-gratia Form : Medical Invalided /BC/Die in Harness casesDownload
5.Application for Book Grant for Dependents of ESMDownload
6.Application for Marriage Grant for Daughter’s Marriage : KSBDownload
7.Application for Education ScholarshipDownload
8.Form-DD-40 for Grantas Welfare FundsDownload
9.Format of Affidavit – Change of name of wifeDownload
10.Format of Newspaper Advt – Change of nameDownload

To submit your request in the prescribed form for grant of welfare Grants as provided by KSB, you need to submit some other relevant documents and forwarding letter also.  Here are some sample application / letter format (template) which may help you to prepare your application easily.

Format of Personal Letter/ Supporting Documents to be submitted to KSB/RSB/ZSB

Templates of Applications  (Sample Application/ letter)Download Link
1.   Application for payment of outstanding CEADownload
2.   Change of name of widow in service records & PPODownload
3.   Change of name of wife in Corrigendum PPODownload
4.  Converting existing Pension Account to DSP AccountDownload
5.   Correction of date of birth of wife in service records & PPODownload
6.   Corrections required in Discharge BookDownload
7.   Crediting of correct pensionDownload
8.   Discrepancy of entries in discharge book and PPODownload
9.   Overpayment recovery of Family PensionDownload
10.    Relationship CertificateDownload
11.   Request for issue of Extended life insurance certificateDownload
12.   Request for medical examination & issue of disability certificate from HospitalDownload
13.   Request for publication of Pt II Order for child birthDownload
14.   Request for publication of second marriageDownload
15.   Revision of pension on attaining the age of 80 yearsDownload

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