ECHS has Changed Rules : Must submit this Document from Now

Central Organisation ECHS has issued SOP and instructions on annual validation of ECHS membership for son/daughters above 18 years of age and parents.  Life certificate in the prescribed form (Online) alongwith supporting documents need to be submitted every year.  In this regard you may refer the letter issued by ECHS from time to time as available in the official website of ECHS.  

Recently, Govt of India, MoD, ECHS has issued a letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr  dated 14 April 2024 regarding changes in rules of mandatory documents.

Regional Centre ECHS has circulated that, recently, a case had come to light wherein a beneficiary was reluctant in submitting / uploading his father’s Form 26AS and was insisting on submitting ITR V in its place by quoting concerned paragraphs of Annual Validation Policy. This was because he probably wanted to hide the non-taxable income being received/ deposited in his father’s account.

The option of submitting Form 26AS or ITR V as proof of income was initially given to  assist in smooth implementation of Annual Validation Policy. Now that the policy has matured, the option is being revoked to prevent misuse.

As directed by the ECHS, henceforth, only Form 26 AS will be accepted as proof of income for beneficiaries  holding PAN Card. For beneficiaries not holding PAN Card there is no change in the policy. Fwg amendment is to be made in para 6 (b) (iii) of letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr dt 06 Jul 2022:-

(iii)        In case PAN Card is available for the chosen dependent, then any one of the following documents will be uploaded:-

    (aa) Form 26 AS for preceding two consecutive financial years.

    (ab) ITR V (Income Tax Return Verification or the Acknowledgement) of preceding two consecutive  inancial years.

(iii) In case PAN Card is available for the chosen dependent, then only Form 26AS for preceding two consecutive financial years will be uploaded. You may read the original letter available in the official website of ECHS.

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