Effect of ER and GMO 2023 to Pensioners : Latest Clarifications of MoD

 New Entitlement Rules and GMO 223 came into effect and disability pension of the soldiers and officers has been drastically changed.  Whereas the authority has published and in a later stage, updated their FAQ which may be treated as clarification, states that this order is similar to the ER 2008 with some minor updates.  In this article we will discuss the reality of this ER and GMO 2023 in terms of its actual date of effect and who all are to be affected with this order.

According to the FAQ published by Ministry of Defence, DESW, there are no policy or entitlement related changes in this ER and the same has been revised/updated keeping in view of the provisions as laid down in MoD letter on the subject dated 31.01.2001 (ER 2008), aimed to streamline the procedure followed for assessment and entitlement without any ambiguity to avoid litigation.

 According to the MoD, DESW FAQ and the OM dated 21.09.2023, the ER and GMO-2023 shall apply w.e.f. 21.09.2023.

 According to the ER and GMO 2023.all cases of death, release, discharge, retirement, superannuation and invaliding out of service we.f. 21 09.2023. The cases where RMB had started prior to 21.09.2023 but finalized after 21.09.2023, in those cases the Medical Board may finalize the report as per ER & GMO-2023.

 According to clarification in FAQ on ER and GMO, 2023, issued by DESW, MoD, this will not in any way affect past Pensioners/Family Pensioners already in receipt of death/disability compensation/Family Pension.

 So, all pensioners and family pensioners who are getting disability pension and family pension on account of disability/death will continue to draw their pension as usual and provisions of new ER & GMO 23 will not be applicable to them.

In some cases, it has been found that persons retired after 21.09.2023 and drawing disability pension in accordance with ER 2008, they will continue to draw pension as sanctioned.  No recoveries will be done as clarified by MoD in the updated FAQ.  RMB/IMB that have been carried out in accordance with ER and GMO 2023, only  be effected under this Rules.

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