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Divisional Office, Personnel Branch, Tiruchchirappalli.
Dt. :20.02.2024.


Sub: Engagement of Ex-Servicemen on contract basis as Gatemen in Level Crossing gates over TPJ Division.

Ref: 1) PCPO/MAS letter No.P(R)135/I/1/TMR/Misc. dated 18.10.2021.

  • GM/P/MAS letter No.P(R)135/I/1/TMR/Misc. Dated 29.10.2021.
  • PCPO/MAS letter No. P(RT)135/I/1/TMR/Misc/Vol.II Dated 03.03.2023.

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It is proposed to deploy Ex-Serviceman on contract basis to work as Gate-men in Level Crossing gates over Tiruchchirappalli Division. Accordingly, applications in the prescribed format (Annexure A) from interested Ex-Servicemen are called for engagement of Gate-men in Level Crossing gates over TPJ Division, Southern Railway who fulfil all the following eligibility conditions.

Number of Ex-Servicemen proposed for engagement: 182
Eligibility conditions as on the date of notification:

General: Ex-Servicemen who are discharged from Military service and possess Discharge certificate, Ex-Serviceman identity card and Pension Payment Order.

Retired personnel from Para Military forces, viz., BSF, CRPF, CISF, etc., are not eligible to apply.

Age: Should not have completed 55 years of age.

Educational qualification: Minimum educational qualification is X Standard Pass – (SSLC/Equivalent Army Education).

Medical Standard: As per Railway Medical standards for posting as Gatekeeper.

Ex-Servicemen found medically fit in the requisite medical classification will be imparted necessary training ( theory and practical) for a period which will be determined by Railways before their actual deployment. No payment will be made for the period of training and the Ex-Servicemen have to make their own arrangements for travel to the training place, stay/accommodation, etc.,

Place of posting:
Ex-Servicemen who are found suitable will be engaged as Gatemen in Level Crossing gates on contract basis and posted over Tiruchchirappalli Division.

Other conditions of engagement:

(a) After the scrutiny of the applications, medical examination and imparting of training is completed, the Ex-Servicemen will be subjected to a screening process to assess their suitability for engagement. After the screening, the recommended candidates shall execute an agreement in a non judicial stamp paper to the value of Rs.100/- in the required format before their actual deployment for working.

(b) The contract of engagement is upto 28th Feb-2025 and further extension is subject to approval of Railway Board.

(c) The administration will be at liberty to terminate the services of the deployed personnel without prior notice, in case their performance is found to be not satisfactory.

(d) Ex-Servicemen who are found suitable will be engaged as Gatemen in Level Crossing gates on contract basis over Tiruchchirappalli Division. Only those who are willing for posting in the above sections need to apply. The screening committee mentioned above will also determine the place of posting. No request for change place will be entertained after posting.

(e) The contract may be terminated by either side by giving 15 days notice. The performance monitoring of contractual appointees will be done on regular basis and those who are unable to discharge the duties or who fail to perform as per expectations of the administration. May be given 15 days notice and their contract shall be terminated however. When contract staff is found to be mentally or physically incapacitated and in case of gross negligence/misconduct/misbehaviour/irregularities, the engagement contract may be terminated with immediate effect.

(f) If full time contract Ex Servicemen are on unauthorized absence beyond 3 days, their engagement will automatically be terminated.

(g) The engagement will be restricted to the number of vacancies available.

Certificates and documents to be submitted: Fill in application form (Annexure A) and Self attested copies of 1) Aadhaar card, 2) Ex-Servicemen Identity card, 3) Discharge Certificate and 4) Educational qualification certificate (only Passed Matric/X Standard/SSLC or equivalent certificate).

Working hours will be 12 hours per day or 8 hours per day depending upon the Gates they are posted.

Ex-Servicemen must wear uniform and other gear prescribed by the Railways.

The engagement is purely on contract basis and will not get any advantage or preference for any job/benefits/privileges in Railways.

Emoluments and facilities:

  1. Ex-Servicemen deployed as Gatemen on contract basis will receive an amount of 29,214/- per month as gross monthly remuneration. Dress allowance 5000/- per annum will be provided in addition. Statutory recoveries will be applicable on the above. Caution deposit amount of 10,000/- will be recovered in two instalments from the remuneration. The caution deposit will be refunded after termination of engagement duly following extant procedures as per terms and conditions.
  2. Ex-Servicemen deployed as Gatemen on contract basis shall be entitled to 10 days per year of casual leave during the contract period. For any period of absence, a proportionate deduction from the monthly remuneration will be made.

Gatemen duties in brief:

The deployed trained Gatemen will work as per the Railway Act and perform duties as prescribed in Indian Railway Permanent Way Manual and General Rules (Open Line). Ex-Servicemen deployed as Gateman are required to work as Gatemen at Level Crossing gates situated on Railway tracks over Tiruchchirappalli Division in Southern Railway. The duties in brief are given in Annexure-B.

Ex-Serviceman who wish to be deployed as Gateman on contract basis on accepting all the terms and conditions laid above and agreeing to perform the Gatemen duties as stipulated in the Indian Permanent Way Manual and General Rules (Open Line) are advised to submit their applications in the prescribed format (Annexure-A) from the date of this notification and upto 18.03.2024 to Sr.Divisional Personnel Officer, Southern Railway,  Tiruchchirappalli Division, Tiruchchirappalli. Pincode-620001. Applications received after the last date will not be considered.

Applications with enclosures are to be sent by ordinary post only with heading in the cover as  Ex-Serviceman on contract basis
It is brought to the notice of the applicants that this engagement on contract basis will not confer them any right to claim for absorption or for permanent posting in Railways.

The application will be processed for engagement on weekly basis as per Date of receipt.

Enclosure: Annexure A: Application Form andAnnexure B: Duties of Gatemen in brief. 

Place :: Tiruchchirappalli.

Date :: 20.02.2024.                           (K.PADMANABHAN)

Asst. Personnel Officer/Engineering
For Sr. Divisional Personnel Officer/TPJ

Copy –

All Supervisors/TPJ Dn.

All Employment Offices in TPJ Dn area.

All Ex Serviceman Associations in TPJ Dn area.



(To be submitted in good quality A-4 size plain white paper using one side only) [DPO/TPJ Notification SR-TPJOPERS(ENGG)304/2021 dated 20.02.2024]

1NAME Affix recent passport
size photo
(Self attested)
2Father name 
3Aadhaar Number            
4PAN (Permanent Account Number)          
5Date of birth        
6Date of attaining 55 years        
7Educational qualification (Passed qualification only) 
8Indicate the service (Army/Navy/Air Force) 
9Rank in Military service 
10Military service number 
11Date of enrolmentDate of attestationDate of dischargeTotal service
12Reasons for discharge 
13Ex Serviceman ID card No. 
14Pension Payment Order No.PPO
15Physical identification marks
16Permanent Address and address for communicationPincode ::
17Mobile number           


I hereby declare that all the particulars furnished above are true and correct. I have gone through the terms and conditions stipulated for engagement of Ex-Serviceman at Level Crossing Gates and I agree for my engagement as per the terms specified. I also know that the engagement is purely on contract basis and will not get any advantage or preference for any job/ benefits/privileges in Railways.

Encl : Copies of Aadhaar, EXSM ID card, Discharge certificate and EQ.

Place   ::

Date ::                                                  Signature of the applicant

Annexure B.


[DPO/TPJ Notification SR-TPJOPERS(ENGG)304/2021 dated 20.02.2024]

Duties of Gateman :

1) Alertness: The Gateman should be alert and be prepared to take immediate action should danger be apprehended. The keys of the Gates shall be on his possession.

2) During passage of Train : The Gateman should stand facing the Track on the Gate lodge side of the approaching Train. He should observe all passing Train till the last compartment and be prepared to take such action as may be necessary to ensure safety of Trains.

3) Action in emergency : In case of an obstruction at the Level Crossing, the Gateman should

position and if unable to remove it, protect the

line as under :

  1. On double line, if both lines are obstructed during day, he shall plant a red banner flag at a distance of 5 meters on the line of which a Train is expected to arrive first, then plant another red banner flag on the other line at site of obstruction. He shall then pick up the red hand signal and showing it, proceed on that line towards the direction of an approaching Train to appoint 600 meters from the Level Crossing and place one detonator on the line, after which proceed further to not less than 1200 meters from the Level Crossing and place 3 detonators on the line about 10 meters apart. Having thus protected the line on which a Train is expected to approach first, he should return to the Level Crossing picking up the intermediate detonators on his way. He shall then proceed on the other line showing the red hand signal, place detonators similarly and return to the site of obstruction to warn the Driver of an approaching Train.
  2. On single line, if the line is obstructed during day, he shall plant a red banner flag towards the direction from which a Train is expected to arrive first, then plant another banner flag towards the opposite direction at the site of obstruction. He shall then pick up the red hand signal and as in sub-para(a) above, protect the line in the direction from which a Train is expected to approach first return to the site of obstruction and proceed with all haste in the other direction to protect the line. Having protected the line on both sides he should station himself at the place of obstruction to warn the Driver of an approaching Train.
  3. At night the Gateman should light the two hand signal lamps and take action to exhibit red light and protect the lines as in sub para(a) and (b) above.
  4. Gateman should take immediate action to inform the Mate, SSE/P.Way or JE/P.Way and the nearest Station Master about the obstruction at the Level Crossing through messenger or other means available.

4) Parting of a Train : If a Gateman notices that a Train has parted, he shall not show a stop hand signal to the Driver, but shall endeavour to attract the attention of the Driver and the Guard by shouting gesticulating or other means.

5) The Gateman should ensure that the Gate lamps and lamps of all Gate signals are lighted and kept burning continuously from sunset to sunrise.

6) No Gateman shall leave his Gate unless other Gateman has taken charge of it. If it is necessary to leave his Gate in emergency, before doing so, he should close and lock the Gates against the public road.

7) The Gateman should see that the channel for the flange of the wheel is kept clear.

The above instructions regarding the duties of Gateman are indicative and not exhaustive. The nature of work, procedures, complete guidelines and duties of Gateman are elaborated in Indian Railway Permanent Way Manual which has to be followed without deviation at all times during the work.

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