On SPARSH Portal you may now update your family details i.e add or amend details of dependents.  Just follow the steps as below –

Step 1.  Login to SPARSH Portal using your credential i.e user ID and Password

Step 2 –  Click on My Profile button and then click on Manage Profile.

Step 3 – Under Manage profile button you may find these options 

Personal Details

Service Details
Family Details
Bank Details
Other Details
Nominee Details

Step 4 –  Just click on Family Details and add dependent or edit as required.

It has been experienced  by a number of Pensioners that while Adding the Family Members under Family Details they are finding problems in Selecting the Relation with Pensioner. The Choices given does not show Son or Daughter. It is showing Parents, Brothers, Sisters etc.

It is happening, in case the Pensioners have filled the Date of  Birth which makes the Family Member more than 25 years old or Married before Selecting the Relation with Pensioner.

In case the above problem is faced by any of the Pensioners, please Select the Relation with Pensioner FIRST then fill Married & Date of Birth. You would be able to Add the Family Member.

In case All the Fields are found INACTIVE/You are unable to Update, please Click Reset All on the Page Family Details, given at the bottom of the Page. It would surely work.

If all the above, doesn’t work, please lodge the Grievance in the SPARSH Portal.

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