Increase in Family Pension : Case filed after OROP by Gen Satbir Singh in SC 

On 29th April, 2024, another case was filed before the court on pensionary benefits to the defence fraternity. 

You have noticed that the OROP case was fought for a long years under various veterans organisations under able leadership of Maj Gen Satbir Singh and now he is in the battle of another court case to bring justice for the defence pensioners fraternity.

Defence Family pensioners she gets 60% last emoluments (notional) drawn as pension pension which is known as enhanced rate of family pension which is applicable upto 7 years or 67 years of age of the initial pensioner, if he would have lived whichever is earlier.  Thereafter, this amount is reduced to 30%.  Means 60% of actual pension that was drawn by the initial pensioner.

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Gen Singh has demanded that the family pensioner at his enhanced rate of pension should get  100% of  pension as it was drawn by the Late husband of the widow. So that she can survive. This is the demand.

And the justice issued the order to the government to listen to the applicant. Let’s see the next step of the government in this regard. 

General Satbeer Singh has taken a big step for family pensioners. After 8-9 years of one rank one pension struggle, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court to give family pensioners their rights. A notice has been issued to the government.

All the members of the military family, you all know that together we have filed some cases against the government. One important case is that our family pension is reduced when our ex-serviceman passes away. So it was decided that it should not be reduced.

That’s why the veterans Association has filed a case in the Supreme Court. Widow’s Family pension should be the same amount as the ex-serviceman’s pension. In  the case of the Veterans, senior lawyer Nitesh Gupta ji and lawyer Praninder Sen Singh both made the case in a very good way.

Currently, according to the rules, 60% of the ex-serviceman’s pension is family pension. That is, 30% of the last pay drawn by the ESM  is family pension. Now, this family pension should not be 60% and 30% and it should be  the same amount as the ex-serviceman were getting as a service pension.

This petition has been filed for this and  the veterans had 23 cases filed before the Chief Justice. The hearing of the case started and veterans are happy that the case is now in the Supreme Court.

After listening to the government, the Chief Justice of our senior lawyer and our three judges decided that the government should issue a notice. General Satbeer Singh and his entire team together have filed this petition. On April 29, 2024, during the first hearing, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud issued a notice to the Indian Government, i.e. the Union, that you come and keep your side.

Why should the family pensioners not be given full family pension equal to the ex-serviceman? After this step taken by General Satbeer Singh and his team for family pensioners, there is a wave of happiness in family pensioners. There is a ray of hope and hope that their pension of Rs 10,000-15,000 will finally increase to Rs 25,000-30,000 and they will be able to spend their money properly every month. 

Brigadier S.C. Kothiala said that they have registered a society called Family Pensioners Welfare Committee and there are seven members in this society. Brig KothiyaIa is the president. Along with him General Satbeer, Brigadier Vidya Sagar, Brigadier Amar Singh are also in this committee. Some other well-known people are members of the committee. The committee that filed the case in the Supreme Court, and its objective was that the pension that our soldiers get, that pension should be given to them 100% until they are widowed. According to the current order, after the death of the pensioner, the pension that the pensioner is getting, the widow pension, is 60%.

This means that the pension is very less. The demand basically is that our soldiers who are 17 years old, and retire at the age of 34, 35, 36, and 40. At the age of 40, when they retire, they get a pension. But when they die, they will get half the pension that their soldiers get.

You can understand this yourself. The widow who is above 35 years of age, she has to spend her whole life. The children are still young, they are in school, they don’t have a house, nothing is organised.

And her pension is halved because the same rule applies to all other Central Government employees. But the government has forgotten that all the Central Government employees have to retire at the age of 60 or 62. The family pensioners who get the same pension as the ex-servicemen, this demand has been raised for many years.

Just like the one-rank, one-pension demand has been raised for 45-50 years, similarly, the family pensioners have been raising this demand for many years. But they are still waiting for justice. When the government did not get justice through all the methods, then the door of the Supreme Court had to be knocked.

In this, the family pensioners are also petitioners. Now, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud of the Supreme Court will hear on this matter. It will be interesting to see whether this decision can come in favour of the family pensioners or the government will interfere in this again.

I retired at the age of 35 or 40. J.C.O. retired at the age of 40 or 42.  A brigadier  retired at the age of 54. If he had died at that time, or if a soldier dies at the age of 35 or 40, then what pension will his widow get? The government has no idea about this. And they are inviting us to those people whose pension is at the age of 60 or 62.

Our government uses the word Nari Shakti. In the January 26 parade, only women participated. It is said that Nari Shakti is the strongest woman in our country.

But when her husband dies, the pension of these women becomes half.   Brig Kathiyala and his team are trying their best to achieve the goal. They appealed to the President, Prime Minister, and the Defense Minister, as the case should be considered sympathetically.

All of them gave an official  government response. It was not enough for a solution. That’s why it was not enough for you either.

But we all understand that our youth have a right. That’s why, even though we don’t want it, we have to say thank you to the government. So friends, what is your opinion about this step of General Satbir Singh?

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