Indian Army Inducts New Indigenous System Akashteer

Army has inducted Indigenous Akash Teer System. The Indian Army has started deploying the indigenous Akash Teer system to boost its air defence capabilities.

The rollout commenced with the flagging off of the initial batch of control centres from BEL Ghaziabad. Developed by Bharat Electronics Ltd, this project aims to significantly improve the operational efficiency and integration of the Army’s air defence mechanisms. The Akash Teer project is designed to integrate radar and communication systems into a unified network, providing unprecedented situational awareness and control.

This will enable the swift engagement of hostile targets, reduce the risk of fratricide, and ensure the safety of friendly aircraft in contested airspace. One of Akash Teer’s unique aspects is its emphasis on mobility and resilience. The system’s control centres, which are vehicle-based, are designed to maintain operational capabilities even in challenging communication environments.

The Indian Army announced its intentions to establish the Specialised Army Design Bureau cells at various command headquarters to enhance their ongoing drive towards self-reliance. The Indian Army has designated 2024 as the year of tech absorption, undertaking initiatives to integrate niche technologies and systems into its inventory..

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