Low Med Cat  Soldiers with Obesity may be Discharged Soon

Defence authority has recently has taken a step to reorganise the troops  and keep free from obesity.  The Record offices have issued warning letters to the units to upgrade the medical category of the LMC heavy weight (with obesity ) persons who have been downgraded due to Obesity. They need to upgrade their medical standard to SHAPE-1 within 60 days else they mayl be discharged from service within 6 months after minimum terms of engagement as per AR 13.

Indian soldiers demonstrated a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Their commitment to the defense of the nation and the well-being of its citizens is a cornerstone of their service.  Overall, the positive attributes of Indian soldiers contribute significantly to the defense capabilities of the country and reinforce their role as guardians of peace and security.

The communications issued by one of the record office (only relevant portion ) is reproduced here :-

Letter to All units of ASC-

Para 2 – Details of LMC Pers (P2) in obesity are att as per Appx ‘A’ & As per pare 4 of IHQ of MoD (Army) letter quoted at para 1 (a) above, JCOs/OR who have been downgraded to LMC (P2) (P) due to obesity will not be given sheltered appointment as per AO 3/2001 and they will be discharged from service after contractual pd of service as per AR-13. Hence, all units/ Fmns are requested to instr all affected indl to get upgrade their LMC within 60 do from the dt of signing of this letter and fwd completion report to this office without fail. Otherwise, if not upgraded to acceptable med cat by 30 Apr 2024, disch order will be issued within six months as per policy in vogue. Retn of the LMC pars beyond the contractual pd of service will be irregular and onus resp rest with your Fmn/ unit, for any legal complication raise at later stage. 

Issuing auth –  Senior Record Officer for OIC Records. 

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