No Reason to Delay in OROP-3 Implementation – Letter to Prime Minister

We are now at the door step of One Rank One Pension 3rd Revision.  It is wondering that, govt authority has not intimated in any disclosure that they are working to implement the OROP-3 from July 2024.  Hundreds of RTI Applications and Grievances lodged but no information received from the authority regarding govt initiative with regards to OROP-3.

In this situation, only Veterans Association are now approaching the authorities to implement the OROP-3 in due time. Indian Exserviceman Movement has also submitted a representation to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in this regard. The content of the letter of if IESM is reproduced here –

“Next equalization of pensions under One Rank One Pension (OROP) Scheme is due with effect from 01 Jul 2024 as per Govt of India Min of Def, DESW letter No 12 (1)/2014/D (Pen/Poll-Part-II dated 7th Nov 2015.

Hon’ble Supreme Court Order dated 20 Mar 2023 states” During the course of hearing, it has been clarified specifically by the learned Attorney General for India, on instructions, that the deferral of payments in terms of the present order shall not have any bearing on the computation of dues for the purpose of the next equalization, when it falls due.”

Urgent and Important Anomalies which need to be corrected and incorporated for the equalization with effect from 01 Jul 2024: –

This had not been incorporated while implementing OROP-I (01 Jul 2014), wherein pensions were calculated at average of Maximum and Minimum Pension of Base Year 2013, causing reduction of pensions of JC0s/ORs, the same needs to be corrected while working out OROP Pension.

The corrected pensions of OROP-1 (01 Jul 2014) need to be carried forward for calculation of pension with effect from 01 Jul 2019 (OROP-II). Similarly, the corrected pensions will need to be carried forward for calculation of pensions with effect from 01 Jul 2024 (OROP-III).

The pension of majors from 12 to 21 years of reckonable service have been given the same pension in OROP-II with effect from 01 Jul 2019 and Lt Col from 26 to 33 years have also given the same pension for OROP-II. However, in OROP-I (01 Jul 2014) pensions of Major and Lt Col were increased every six months. This anomaly also needs to be corrected and incorporated in OROP-II & OROP-III.

Hon’ble Prime Minister may we request you to kindly issue directions to all concerned for correction of the anomalies, re-work pensions of OROP-I (01 Jul 2014), OROP-II (01 Jul 2019) and OROP-III (01 Jul 2024), so that there is no delay caused in the implementation of OROP-III (The same was also directed by Hon’ble Supreme Court in its judgement dated 20 Mar 2023).

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