OROP-3 Expected Pension Table Effective from 01.07.2024

 One Rank One Pension 3 is applicable from 01 July 2024 and as the schedule day is coming closer, the discussion of expected benefit is gaining momentum. Now the pension revision table of One Rank One Pension -3 starting from Sepoy to Subhadar Major and Honorary Lieutenant and Honorary Captain has been released and according to this OROP-3 pension table, there is an increase in the pension of each category. 

Earlier, after taking the average minimum and maximum pension of 2018, the pension was revised in OROP 2 from July 1, 2019. So the pension of JCOs/OR was reduced i.e. the government said that they are already drawing more pension than the average. Many reasons were shown behind this that the pension of JCOs/OR was revised in several occasion since last 15 years including in 2016. Due to which this average came out lower. If this average had been higher then there would have been an increase in the pension of JCOs/OR due to revision but now in OROP 3 you can see here that there is an increase in the pension of every rank from Constable to Honorary Captain. 

You must note that there is no negative figure in the proposed OROP table. We will now try to understand this pension table and also understand the logic included in it. This pension table was released recently. Now let us understand this table which is expected to be effective from 1st July 2024.  Three Pension Revision Table for Sepoy to Subedar Major and Honorary Lieutenant and Captain has been released. In this table the first column rank is taken, after that the qualifying service minimum and maximum are taken here related to OROP Pension.  The amount of pension in One Rank One Pension as on 1st July 2014 has also been taken. After that, from January 1, 2016, the amount of pension received in Seventh Pay Commission with a factor of 2.57 has also been taken as OROP 2. The amount which came after this pension was revised on July 1, 2019 has also been taken and further, OROP 3 pension from July 1, 2024 mentioned.  

 Expected OROP-3 Pension table based on Calculation of Minimum and Maximum Pension. The average which is coming out taking 2013 as base year has also been taken here. And this calculation is coming out after calculating the average of minimum pension and maximum pension of 2023. Now we will finally see how much pension was there in OROP 2 in 2019 and how much it will be in 2024. The difference between these two is given last. First of all, mention the qualifying service of Sepoy . In 17 years, the pension of Rs 18,807 was fixed in OROP 2. Now in OROP 3, this pension is coming to Rs 20,450 i.e. the increase of Rs 1,643 per month is visible here. And if you double the minimum pension i.e. Rs 18,050, then this minimum pension will be Rs 36,100. 

 The retirement coming in 2023 is being drawn and if you double the maximum Rs 22,850, then that salary and its 50% pension here will be accordingly. When a soldier, who has served qualifying service for 19 years, avails the benefit of OROP revision in 2024, his monthly pension is likely to be revised to Rs 1643. Similarly, if a soldier comes after serving 19 years, then his pension which will be fixed in OROP 3 will be Rs 21,075. Where in OROP 2, Rs 18,807 were being drawn, then the increase in pension will be Rs 2,268. The figures being shown to you are based on full possibility. Now let’s talk about a Naik’s 17 years of service. The pension being decided by the division is Rs 2,068. Similarly, a Naik will get Rs 2,681 in 22 years. If we talk about a Havildar, it will be Rs 1,691 in 19 years. And if we talk about a Havildar, it will be Rs 24. This figure comes out to be Rs 2,643 in a year, along with the pension of OROP 2 and OROP 3, you can see her

Now we will find  pension of Hony Nb Sub , the increase of Rs 1,550 after 24 years of service is visible here. And there is a possibility of pension increase of Honorary Nb Subdar at Rs 2,300 per month in 26 years. If we talk about Nb Subdar in 26 years then it will be Rs 2,800 and Nb  Subdar in 28 years will be Rs 2,375. Pension in OROP3 is going to increase, if we talk about Subdar, it will be Rs 2,350 in 28 years and if we talk about Subdar, it will be Rs 2,025 in 30 years, similarly you will see that for Subdar Major, it will be Rs 2,500 in 30 years and if we talk about Subdar, it will be Rs 2,025 in 32 years. It is going to increase by Rs 2,525 and if we talk about Subdar, then this pension is going to increase by Rs 2,700, so this is an estimated pension table of OROP3 which is being circulated and the figures taken in it, you will see Minimum Pension Base Year 2023 and Maximum Pension. Base Year 2023: This entire data has been taken from the Pay Matrix of 7th CPC.

Now, in reality, when PCDA Pension Prayagraj prepared the pension table of OROP3 in 2024, then the PPO’s who will be retirees at that time, their entire PPO’s of 2023 will be seen, their pension will be seen and after that its average will be calculated

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