Pension applicable to Army Navy Air Force Personnel

Armed Forces personnel are entitled to get pension on release which depends on type of release and other aspects i.e  medical standard, service length, survival status etc.  In this article we will discuss the various kind of pension applicable to them.

The various types of pension awards admissible to  JCos/OR of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force & NCs (E) are as follows: –

(a) Service Pension – Min qualifying regular service 15 years for JCOs/OR of all three wings of Armed Forces and 20 yrs for NCs(E). At present, the amount of servie pension is 50% of last pay (reckonable emoluments drawn).

(b) Reservist Pension – Min qualifying service 9 years regular and 6 years reserve, total 15 Years combined qualifying service.  Amount of pension is varied from time to time.

(c) Invalid Pension-  Medically invalided out persons, if not eligible for Service/Disability pension & qualifying service is ten yrs or more and discharged on medical grounds are entitled for invalid pension.  Mainly, it is applicable to NA NA cases.  Minimum 10 years’ service clause is not applicable if the soldier is fully incapacitated for military and civil service due to his disability wef July 2020.

(d) Disability Pension –  Applicable to Armed Forces personnel , if disability is attributable to or aggravated by military service & disability percentage is 20% or more (for retired and PMR) and minimum 1% for medical invalided out.   From 21 September 2023, Only invalided out of service cases are eligible to disability pension subject to fulfillment of other conditions.  Retired and PMR personnel are entitled only Impairment relief subject to minimum 20% disability which must be attributable or aggravated by military service.

(e) Family Pension – The widow / Next-of-Kin will get Ordinary, Special or Liberalized Family Pension depending upon the circumstances of death.  Enhanced rate of family pension is applicable to the widow/NOK after death of the ESM/soldier upto 7 years or the attaining age of 67 years of the deceased.

(f) Gratuity – The amount of gratuity will differ as per length of service and the circumstances of discharge i.e. Retirement with pension / without pension, Medical Invalidment, Death etc.  In general gratuity is applicable for a maximum of 33 years (while calculating, must consider Basic pay, other pay and DA as emoluments)

(g) Ex-gratia payment – One time lump sum payment for families of Defence service personnel who die during the performance of their bonafide official duties or medically invalided out of service due to disability attributable to military service.

(h) Constant Attendance – This  Allowance Given on Medical Board’s Recommendation for 100% disabled ex-servicemen drawing disability pension.

(j) Special Pension and Gratuity As decided by Govt from time to time.

OROP Detailed Scheme

Govt of India vide letter No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)-Part-II dated 07 Nov 2015 has implemented “One Rank One Pension” for defence personnel. OROP implies grant of uniform rate of pension to the defence forces personnel retiring in the same rank and group with the same length of service regardless of their date of retirement. Accordingly, comprehensive order regarding rates of various pension/family pension as per the rank/group/length of qualifying service were issued by the Govt vide letter No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Policy)- Part-II dated 03 Feb 2016 circulated vide PCDA (P) Allahabad Circular No. 555 dated 04 Feb 2016.

In cases where the qualifying service was not endorsed in the PPOs, pensioners were not granted benefits by Pensioners’ Hand Book for Airmen & NCs(E) 16 the PDAs. Such cases have been taken up for issuance of Corrigendum PPOs to enable PDAs to re-fix the pension as per OROP and pay the arrears accordingly.

Salient Features of OROP

 (a)  Pension of the past pensioners would be re-fixed on the basis of pension of retirees of calendar year 2013 and the benefit will be effective from 1st July 2014.

(b) Pension will be re-fixed for all pensioners on the basis of the average of minimum and maximum pension of personnel retired in 2013 in the same rank, group and with the same length of service.

(c) Pension for those drawing above the average shall be protected.

(d) Arrears will be paid in four equal half yearly installments. However, all the family pensioners including those in receipt of Special/Liberalised family pension and Gallantry award winners shall be paid arrears in one installment. (e) In future, the pension would be re-fixed every 5 years. Next rationalisation of OROP will be carried out based on the actual pensions during 2018 and implemented  w.e.f  01 Jul 2019 after a long waiting till December 2022.  Meanwhile, the third Revision of OROP i.e OROP-3  is likely to be due in July 2024.  According to the Govt orders and instructions of Supreme Court in the concerned case, it should be implemented in due course.

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