Pension Not Creedited : SPARSH Pensioners Worried

SPARSH has introduced to ease of pension payment to the Armed Forces veterans and defence civilian pensioners in 2021. Since then, a large number of veterans and family pensioners are getting their pension sthrough SPARSH portal direct from PCDA (P) Prayagraj in their bank account without any difficulties. The system of pension administration has proven track record to perform the very purpose of the system with utmost technical functionality.

Before the SPARSH Era, usually pensioners got their pension on 25th to 28th every month. After migration to SPARSH, this time frame has been changed and the pensioners used to get their pe nsion from PCDA (P) through SPARSH piortal on the last day of the month.

In August 2023, a large number of Pensioners migrated to SPARSH system. The got their pension credited on 30 August. Whereas the pensioners who were already migrated into SPARSH earlier, has not been received thrir pension so far.

SPARSH  पेंशनभोगी कर रहा है इंतज़ार इस महीने की पेंशन के लिए

It has been confirmed from the sources that, due to a large number of migration to SPARSH at a time, pension disbursement may take some time. But it has been noticed that most of the pensioners got their pension credited into their bankl by 6 PM (this evening). Remmaining also may expect their pension will be credited within few hours and they need not to be worried.

SPARSH migration is being done by the team PCDA(P) in a phased manner. Each and every defence pensioners will be migrated to SPARSH latest by the end of this year. In order to fulfill the terget, it may take some functional difficulties, but the team is quite efficient and capable to handle all the odd situations.

Some SPARSH Pensioners still Waiting for Pension of August 2023

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