RBI is Bringing Back 100 Ton Gold Reserve from UK Vaults – Know the Complete Story Behind

You might have known that the gold that India had secretly sent to other countries earlier , has now being returned as media news says.  The secret sale of gold that was done by RBI in the year 1990-91,  when India had a lot of debt is in question ?

Did we bring back the gold that we had mortgaged by getting out of that debt? To know the reality read the complete article.  Since the year 1991, we will definitely discuss the history of the gold that brought shame to all Indians. But the gold that is coming back today, which is being discussed, 100 ton gold that is coming from England, you will know the reality.  You may see the picture below of Bank of England, it functions like Reserve Bank of India.

In the same way, Bank of England has an underground place under the bank. Under the Bank of England, there are 9 big undergrounds where gold is kept from all over the world. Only the king or queen of Britain is allowed to see that gold.

Only the first citizen of Britain can see that gold. This is the same picture in front of you, where the queen is seen seeing the gold, who passed away a few years ago. 

You might have noticed in the recent news that the RBI has brought back 100 tonne gold reserve from UK. Let’s understand the actual facts behind it in detail. If you want to know more about gold, then tighten your belt because the story is going to be very interesting. When you see so much gold, you start wondering what should be done to protect it.

What kind of planning should be done? Where should it be kept? Who should protect it? Where should it be kept in their country? What is the importance of gold in India? The government does not buy or sell gold. We only have money. Then why is gold brought? There are many questions.

China produces the most of the quantity of gold in the world .

We needed money to buy things. Why did we need to buy things from other countries? We would have been self-dependent. We still buy oil. Oil is not sufficient in our country that we buy it from other countries.

So, we used to buy oil from Gulf countries. Suddenly, our condition did not deteriorate. Actually, there is a history behind this.

When India became independent in 1947, we had an old habit or a memory in which we had a feeling that why did the British rule over us? Because they brought a company and we let the company come from other countries. That is why we became slaves. So, we had a feeling that we should not let the foreigners come in.

That is, if you are free, how will you let the other companies come? So, you made a feeling in your mind that if a foreign company comes, we will be looted. For example, the British East India Company ruled over us. In such a situation, we will not let anyone come in.

That means we have kept ourselves in the form of a closed economy. We have no relationship with anyone. We will not do business with other countries.

We will do everything with our own money. This is a good thought. But if you have to buy goods from a foreign country, will you pay for it? Will you do it? Yes, we will do it.

Why not? We will do it in Rupees. The other person is saying that he does not know about Rupees. What do you believe in? I believe in the dollar of America.

Why do you believe in the dollar of America? Because there is a coin in the world of America. After the Second World War, it was believed that dollar is equal to gold. If you deposit a dollar, you get gold in return.

There was such a big coin. It was believed that if you deposit a dollar, you get gold in return. This was the value of America after the British Coalition.

The world says that we will only trade in dollars. At least we will get gold in return. Now, we are helpless because we have a gold reserve which is very little.

In the name of foreign currency, we are not trading with other countries. Why not? Because we are afraid. What do we need to buy? We need money.

In the name of buying, our bills have increased. Our imports have increased but our exports have decreased. Why? Because we were not an advanced country when we were independent.

We were a backward nation. In such a situation, we needed agriculture in our early life. We were promoting agriculture.

95% of the population lived in villages. We were in a situation where we had to feed ourselves. We had to compromise.

There was a time when many people died of hunger because we could only We fought hunger We fought hunger but not for money because foreigners needed money. Everything was going well. The government was slowly giving a deal that if we do not trade with other countries, we need dollars and we will not get dollars until we sell something.

If we go to sell something, the other person will ask why should we buy from you and not from another country? We will buy from you only if you let our company come to India. The government said that if a company wants to come to India, we will control it. We will decide that if a company wants to come to India, we will investigate it and give it a license.

The system of giving a license was called License Raj. To get a license, Babus and IAS officers were asked to give a license. Because the files were red and the officers used red lights, it was known as Red Feeta Shahi or Red Tapism.

If you want a license in India, go to Babus. Babus can be senior, junior, or clerical staff. Babus work for the government and will get the files passed and bribe the government.

Because of the license, Red Feeta Shahi started flourishing along with corruption. All this was flourishing and the situation of our country was getting worse. Why? Because if you wanted a license, it took a long time to get permission from the government.

License Raj kept flourishing and Red Feeta Shahi kept flourishing but the situation of the country kept getting worse. When we used to call many companies to work, they were not able to produce as much as they were spending The situation got worse when the year 1990 came. Why did this happen? The oil we used to buy suddenly became expensive.

Why? Because there was a war in Gulf countries. Iraq attacked its neighbors. America tried to teach Iraq a lesson.

America made Iraq its enemy. India used to be a friend of Iraq. We used to buy oil from Iraq.

It was written on the tanks that Iraq’s water is my queen. You can still find this line But the distance between India and Iraq started to widen. Why? Because there were preparations to attack Iraq.

India was talking to America that they needed oil. Now there was a war in the world and prices of oil started to rise. Why? Because if there is a war, who will go to buy oil? If we don’t get oil, many countries in the world will fail.

We don’t have dollars. Now we will get expensive oil. If we get expensive oil, we don’t have dollars.

So how will we pay dollars? We faced a crisis of payment. We went to America. We asked them to give us some dollars if possible.

America always gave us They said they will give us dollars. But we came to know that you and Iraq are friends. So we want to test your friendship.

We will land our fighter jets on your land to attack Iraq. So that our fighter jets won’t come from so far but we can land them and attack Iraq. America has prepared for this.

Instead, they offered us dollars. This tactic worked for a few days. We still needed money.

There were two big banks in the world for money. One was IMF and the other was World Bank. IMF and World Bank lend money to the world but America controls them.

When a country is going through a payment crisis, i.e. balance of payment i.e. more import and less export in Pakistan, IMF comes out. IMF says if you want dollars, you will have to make some changes according to me. What do they want? They want our companies to come to their countries.

We have seen what is happening in Pakistan in 1991. They want our companies to come to their countries. What is Pakistan doing today? They are selling their companies to foreign buyers because ultimately they want dollars.

America told us if we give dollars, it will work. If we take dollars, we will have to follow the rules. We agreed to give dollars because without our oil, it won’t work.

America’s IMF has given us 1 billion dollars in dollars. America’s IMF has given us 1 billion dollars in dollars. America’s IMF What should we do? Oil was skyrocketing and import bills were increasing.

It was a hand-to-mouth situation. Poverty of the government was visible to everyone. People used to say the same about us in Pakistan.

We were pressurized to obey the IMF. We were pressurized to obey the IMF. We were pressurized to obey the IMF.

We were pressurized to obey the IMF. We were not to let other companies to enter our country. Otherwise, we were slaves and if we don’t let them, money was at risk.

We found gold. RBI had some gold in its vault. You may have seen that when the economic of the home is in decline, a mother gives her gold for household work The RBI gives a guarantee that if you can run a house with this money, then you can do it.

The RBI did something like this. If there is a big problem for the country, then you can take my gold and mortgage it in another country and take money in return. In India, gold is very rare.

If a woman mortgages her gold, then the house goes into a saddened state. In such a state, what will happen to the country? Because the country is known as Bharat Maa. And Bharat Maa is mortgaging her gold.

This was the era of 1991. We made a plan to wipe out this stolen gold. We made a plan to give our gold to the Bank of England and Bank of Japan and take dollars in return.

We gave 40-45 tonnes of our gold to them and took 400 million dollars in return. We took our gold secretly and did not tell anyone. But some newspapers of that time leaked it.

The name of X-PREX was also discussed a lot. They showed that India’s gold was hidden and was forced to be kept in another country. This caused a lot of self-respect among Indians.

We were so worried about our policy that we had to mortgage our gold. Then Manmohan Singh said that we have to get out of this policy. We have to work openly.

We have to embrace liberalisation, globalisation and privatisation. We have to embrace this. If we do not embrace this, we will not get our dollars.

If we do not get our dollars, we will not be able to pay anyone. If we do not pay anyone, we will become a failure economy. Manmohan Singh was the PM at that time.

RBI and IMF were pressuring us. We were humiliated by them. Now we have to present this in our budget.

The PM was the PM. The Minister of Finance said that we have to change the rules. We will be ruined.

He said that we have to change the rules. India was following the rules from 1947 to 1991. We did not allow anyone to come.

Suddenly, we opened our borders. We kept expanding our borders. We kept expanding our borders.

Now, let’s listen to the rest of the story. You must be thinking that gold was exchanged for money. Oil was exchanged for money.

I have already told you about this. This secret sale was also published in the newspaper. Now, let’s talk about how much gold we have.

Do we have the gold that we had given? The situation has changed. We have the gold that we had mortgaged. So, what has happened? The statics are different.

Let’s understand the statics. According to the March 31 report, we had 822 metric tons of gold. RBI already has 822 metric tons of gold.

Out of this 822 metric tons of gold, 514 metric tons of gold is kept outside. This means that we have kept 400-500 metric tons of gold outside India. Now, the big question is do we still have the gold that we had mortgaged? No, we do not.

So, we have deposited it. Where is it kept? It is kept in the banks of the world. Which is the major bank? Bank of England.

What is the news? We have brought back 100 tons of gold from our gold deposits. The first question should be clear. We have already mortgaged the gold.

After that, we brought 100 tons of gold from the gold that we had deposited in the bank. The first doubt should be cleared. Now, the big question is why did we keep our gold there? This is a good question.

Let us find the answer. Ultimately, why did India keep its gold there? Let me remind you again. All kinds of updates, the sessions that we do, or the news that is going on in the country, we keep updating them on our Twitter handle.

I had updated on this as well. If you want to stay updated on any news, you can follow me here. Now, the big question is why did we keep our gold there? This is the big question.  Let us find the answer. If India is facing a balance of payment crisis, then we need a neutral person with whom we can trade gold. This is the first point.

The second point is you have 822 tons of gold. India’s foreign reserve, Forex, is judged on this gold. It is judged on this gold.  Along with that, according to the IMF, which we call SDR, Special Drawing Rights, in which the currencies of five countries are counted. How much is the dollar, pound, euro, yuan, and Japanese yen. The currencies of these five countries, which are called SDR, Special Drawing Rights.

How much is this money, and how much is the gold. On this basis, it is judged how much is the forex. Now, out of this forex, we keep the money in our country.  Who will steal it? No one will understand. No one will buy vegetables. But anyone can buy gold.

So, in terms of security, we keep our gold safe in other countries. Sir, this is a big insult. This is a big insult that we keep our gold safe in other countries.  Yes, this is a big insult. But we are keeping it safe. Don’t we trust our country? This is absolutely right.

It should be there. Why shouldn’t it be there? This is the question. Why have we kept it there for so long? This means, our own gold, which we have kept safe in the world, because we are afraid that if we keep it, it will be stolen.

Who will steal it? Such a big gold. The government has all the security. Very true.

Friends, when there is instability in the country, when there is a change in the Prime Minister every year, when there is a political upheaval, when there is a fear of a military coup, in such a situation, the government keeps the gold of its own country safe in other countries. We don’t know who will become the next Prime Minister, who will become the National President, who will become the Army President. We don’t know.

In such a situation, what will they do? What if there is a terrorist regime? What if they steal all the gold and take it for themselves? It would be better to keep the gold in another country so that the world knows that the gold is gone. That is why, all the developed countries in the world keep their gold safe in other countries. England, which has ruled the world so much, still rules over us psychologically. We kept our gold safe in the bank which had turned us from a gold bird to a dead bird.

We kept our gold in the vault There has been a tendency to destroy a lot of gold so we left the gold in the vault of the bank. So, there are 9 underground banks in the Bank of England where the gold is kept. Countries from all over the world keep their gold in those banks and asking to keep their gold safe.

Now what happens is if no one takes the gold out of those banks, what happens then? For example, if you feel that there is a shortage of dollars and you don’t have money. So, it is managed in the account. What is managed? Suppose, A country has less dollars and has gold.

B country needs dollars. So, it is transferred in the account. Now, you have to transfer the gold in the name of another person.

You have to transfer the gold in the name of A and transfer the dollars in the name of B. In other words, the exchange of currencies is done with the gold. In a way, it is like a market. For example, if you go to a grain market, you will see a lot of grains there.

How do they sell? Yes, sir, this lot of grains is mine. How much? This much. After that, someone else comes.  This much is left. Is there anyone else? Yes, now it is mine. It is kept there.

It is going up and down. I hope this clarity has come. Now, we feel that there is stability in our country.  If there is stability, then gold should come to our country. It should definitely come. But if it comes, where will it be kept? This is a big question.

Is there no gold in our country at all? Yes, there is gold. Where is it kept? Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai Headquarters. Our gold is kept there on Minto Road.  We also keep our gold in Nagpur. This gold will also be kept safe in the same way. I hope this doubt has been cleared.

Why do we keep it outside? If it comes here, where will it be kept? Is it clear? Now, the big question is, how much gold do we have? How much gold does the world have? Let’s find out. Now, we have 822 tonnes of gold. In the last 5 years, we have purchased around 200 tonnes of gold.

We have purchased 203.9 tonnes of gold in the last 5 years. India has purchased a lot of gold. Because gold is the only thing in the world.  So, we have purchased a lot of gold. So that we can use it in the future. We have purchased a lot of gold in the last 5 years.

But it is kept in foreign banks. So, let’s bring it here from there. Now, why is there a fear of bringing it here from there? We will talk about that too.  We will talk about that too. But before that, let’s find out where is the most gold in the world? The most gold in the world is in America. Let’s understand two things.

Reserve Bank of America, which is called Federal Bank, and Bank of England, keep the most gold in the world safe. Federal Bank of America, which also has its own gold, holds 8,133 tonnes of gold, which is 10 times more than India. You may think that they have a lot of gold.

That’s why they are rich. Yes, maybe you can understand this. Then, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and China hold gold like this.  Tell me one thing, sir. They have kept a lot of gold. We went into depression because of this.

Then why did India dream of becoming the 5th largest economy, and then the 3rd largest economy? They have kept so much gold. Let’s clear your doubts here. The gold they have is in their banks.

You will be surprised to know that if you include these top 5 countries, and if you include the top 10 countries, then the more gold comes out, the more gold Indian women wear or keep in their vaults. This 822 tonnes of gold is in our banks. But the gold of our homes, which we don’t consider ours, which we don’t want to give as heritage tax, we want to keep it with us, that gold is estimated to be from 21,000 to 22,000 tonnes.

If you add up these figures, they will be confusing. 10 countries on one side, and Indian women on the other. On the basis of India’s purchasing power parity, India is already the 3rd largest economy in the world.  We have a lot of purchasing power. Whether we have gold or not, we have gold in our homes. That’s why there is so much advertisement.  Let’s look at another point. The amount of gold that Italy has kept, that amount of gold has been donated to the temples of our country. That is, keep the gold of women.

After that, the gold collected in the temples, the total gold that the Indian government has, 3 times that gold is in our temples. So, don’t worry. We are talking about government gold.  Let’s move ahead. Okay, understood so far. So, this creates stability. So, they have 4 lakhs of gold in the Bank of England. So, they put up a video like this. They are very happy.

Where did they go? So, this is the Bank of England, in which gold is kept underground like this. Gold is stored underground like this. So, this is a symbolic picture.  Now, a question arises. Sir, why do we have lakhs of gold? If it is kept outside, then let it be. Why do we have lakhs of gold? Recently, there was a problem.

And what happened? You know that when the Russia-Ukraine conflict started, all the goods of Russia were stored all over the world. What does every country do? They leave some money. It’s not like rich people say, how much money is coming to you? Sir, Rs.2,000 to Rs. 5,000 is coming. So, if you need it, give it to me.

Keep it. Give it to me later. What do rich countries do? They leave their money somewhere. 

Keep it. Give it to me later. Similarly, Russia’s money was also kept in banks all over the world.

When the Russia-Ukraine conflict started, the biggest shock that these countries gave Putin, what was that? Those people froze the goods that were stored in the banks. They froze it. In order to impose sanctions on Russia, these people deposited the assets of about $280 billion of Putin’s goods in Ukraine.

They seized their house, their yacht, their money in the bank. All over the world, all of a sudden, they seized it. They seized it because it was Russia’s money. They imposed sanctions. We told them not to fight. If they didn’t agree, then they can suppress it.

Think about it. India has so much gold. If India doesn’t oppose them tomorrow, and they start playing sanctions, then what will happen? All our money will be gone. 

Look at their stupidity. They are so smart that they deposited Russia’s money and are giving it to Ukraine. Tell Ukraine to rebuild its own country.

We will give you Russian money. If India attacks someone tomorrow, let’s say someone takes back the PEO, and they start fighting for it. People will say, you are going to die in Pakistan. 

Keep this gold of India. In such a situation, India is trying to get its gold back. I hope you got all the answers.

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