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Indian Army is so big organisation that it is divided into several regional and Departmental HQs based on their role and Geographical locations/ deployment. However, the ranks and files from Sepoy to Subedar Major are under cadre controlling authority for documentation purpose which is known as Record Officer which are functional under Regimental HQ. The Record Offices in the Indian Army plays a crucial role in the documentation and management of personnel records. Its primary function is to maintain and update the service records of all serving and retired personnel of the Indian Army. Here are some key functions of the Record Office:

  1. Personnel Records Management: The Record Office is responsible for the maintenance and management of personnel records of all army personnel. This includes officers, junior commissioned officers, and other ranks. It ensures that accurate and up-to-date information is recorded and preserved for each individual throughout their career and even after retirement.
  2. Document Verification: The Record Office verifies and validates various documents and certificates submitted by army personnel, such as educational qualifications, service records, promotions, awards, and medals. This helps in ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided.
  3. Posting and Transfer Orders: The Record Office processes and issues posting and transfer orders for army personnel based on the requirements of the organization. It maintains a record of these orders and ensures their proper implementation.
  4. Service Documentation: The Record Office maintains a comprehensive record of an individual’s service history, including details of postings, promotions, transfers, courses attended, and any disciplinary actions taken. This documentation is crucial for career progression, promotions, and pension calculations.
  5. Pension and Retirement: The Record Office is responsible for the documentation and processing of pension-related matters for retired army personnel. It maintains records of service, calculates pension entitlements, and ensures timely disbursement of pension and other retirement benefits.
  6. Casualty and Medical Records: In case of casualties or medical emergencies, the Record Office maintains records related to injuries, treatments, and medical boards. These records are essential for medical benefits, disability pensions, and other support provided to army personnel who have suffered injuries or disabilities during their service.
  7. Discharge and Release: The Record Office processes the documentation required for the discharge and release of army personnel from service. It ensures that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and in compliance with the established regulations.

Overall, the Record Office plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of personnel records within the Indian Army. It supports various administrative functions, facilitates decision-making processes, and ensures the welfare and entitlements of army personnel throughout their service and after retirement.

Contact Phone Number E mail ID of Record Offices

Very often the retired soldiers need to contact to the Record office concerned related to their documentaion of pension and other welfare matters. Contact details of all record offices are here . You should keep a note of your concerned Record office so that it can be readily available as and when required.

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