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NCC(AP&T)/155/3/Expansion Plan/P&C              12 Apr 2024

List ‘A’


  1. As part of the Expansion plan, the policy on hiring of Ex-Servicemen has been received from HQ DGNCC.
  2. The policy on Hiring of ESM during implementation of Expansion plan is given as under:-

(a)   Terms & Conditions for Hiring.   There is a requirement for additional instructors to be posted to NCC. It is proposed that 2288 Ex-Servicemen (ESM) who have retired from The Indian Army be hired in NCC on contractual basis, subject to meeting the Qualitative Requirement (OR). The ESM will be hired over a period of Three years and thereafter whenever vacancies arise, the hiring will be done both for the anticipated vacancies as well as for the existing deficiencies. The ESM hired will be given the nomenclature CIS — Contracted Instructor Staff.

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(b)     The ESM in NCC units will be hired in two Categories :-

  • ESM (JCO Instructor) – Subedar (Sub)/Naib Subedar (Nb Sub)
  • ESM (NCO Instructor) – Havildar (Hay).

The Terms and Conditions for both the above mentioned Categories would be the same, except for age and rank profile.

Eligibility Conditions

  (c)   Service.    The eligibility conditions for hiring of ESM in NCC in the above mentioned categories are as follows:-

  • Should have retired from service in the rank of Havildar for
    hiring in the rank of Havildar as ESM NCO Instructor category and retired in rank of Sub/Nb Sub for hiring in the rank of Sub/Nb Sub as ESM JCO Instructor category.
  • ESM from all Arms & Services of Army are eligible subject to
    meeting requisite criteria. In case ESM JCOs meeting the criteria are not available for hiring, suitable NCOs will be hired in lieu without any loss to the exchequer.
  • Personnel who have served in Cat ‘A’, Cat ‘B’ Trg Est & Regt
  • Centres as instructors or having    grading in professional courses will

be given preference.

  (d)         Educational and Course Qualifications (ESM Instructor). ESM in NCC preferably be qualified in one of the under mentioned Army courses from Category A or Category B training institute:-

  • Platoon Commander Course.
  • Section Commander Course & equivalent.
  • Gliatak Course.
  • Drill Course.
  • Weapon Training Course,
  • Mortar Course.
  • MMG & AGL Course.
  • Anti Tank Course.
  • All Arms Signal Course.
  • LDCT/LGSC/UI Course
  • Troop Commander Course & equivalent.
  • ATGM Course.
  • Sniper Course.
  • ADP Course.
  • D&M Course.
  • QM Course.

Terms & Conditions: ESM JCO & NCO

(e)   JCO/NCO should have completed colour service commensurate to his rank prior to retirement from Army. “MACP holder Naik given MACP of Havildar will not be eligible against Havildar vacancy. Similarly, Havildar given MACP of Nb Sub will be considered as Havildar for the purpose of contract and will be hired against the vacancy of Havildar.”

(f)      Gap in Service. Gap in service should not be more than Two years from the date of retirement from former service and date of reporting for hiring in NCC.

(g)        Initial Terms of Engagement and Extension of Service. The initial

Terms of Engagement on contractual basis will be of Two Years whereafter One extension of 11 months may be granted by a Board of Officers based on the performance of the individual. Maximum upper age limit for service in NCC will not exceed 56 years for ESM JCO & 54 years ESM NCO.

(h)   Probation Period. On joining NCC, the ESM shall be on probation period for Three months. This period shall be utilized for orientation, training and grooming of personnel. However, while on probation, should the performance and discipline of the ESM be found wanting or he is found unsuitable; his contract can be terminated by ‘respective ADG/DDG of the particular state directorate.

  • Termination of Contract.         The contract of ESM hired can be
    terminated by respective ADG/DDGs of the particular state directorate after giving Three month notice on administrative or disciplinary grounds. The ESM can also leave the Job pre-maturely after notice period of three months or forego three month salary.
  • Discipline. For hiring in NCC, an individual should meet the following
    discipline QRs:-

(i)    Should not have more than One Red Ink entry during the former service & No Red Ink entry in the last Five Years of former Service.

  • Personnel previously awarded punishment for offences/ acts
    of Moral Turpitude and Financial irregularities will not be eligible for Contractual hiring Into NCC,
  • At the time of discharge form Service his character should be

(I)    In addition to the above, personnel discharged from service for the following reasons are not eligible for hiring in NCC in subject cat:-

  • Discharged administratively from military service under AR 13,
  • AR 13A  (Administrative discharge/ fail promotion exam) and AR 14 (termination on grounds of misconduct), Moral turpitude and AA 45(unbecoming conduct).
  • Service no longer required (except where discharged under
    surplus to the establishment).
  • Unsuitable for further Military Service.
  • Unlikely to become an efficient soldier.
  • Ineligible for further retention up-to enhanced service limit during
    non-fulfillment of laid down conditions.
  • Any Imprisonment in civil jail or conviction by a civil court post the
    discharge of the individual from the Army will render him ineligible for NCC.
  • Discipline in NCC Service.   If the Contracted Instructor Staff (ESM) commits any disciplinary issue, his services can be terminated with approval by ADG/DDG State Dte.

(p)    Procedure for Disciplinary Action. An enquiry will be carried out at Unit level & forwarded to State Dte for disposal. In case of Major Disciplinary Issues being covered under Criminal Penal Code, the procedures of Civil Criminal Law as applicable will be invoked and the services of Contractual Staff may be terminated without any notice.

(q)                 Medical Category.

  • JCO and NCO from Army, should be in Medical Category
    SHAPE1 at the time of discharge medical. Medical Fitness Certificates issued at the time of release from the Army will be deposited by all candidates at the time of hiring. In addition, a medical fitness certificate (issued by the Civil Surgeon) at the time of signing of contractual agreement will also be submitted.
  • Personnel placed in Low Medical Category (both temporary
    and permanent) during entire
    former service preceding the date of discharge (even upgraded to SHAPE-1 before discharge) due to “Alcohol Dependence Syndrome” and ‘S’ cases are not eligible for NCC.

(r)   Pay and Allowances.

(i)    JCOs and NCOs enrolled will draw an All Inclusive Fixed Remuneration of Rs 45,000/- (Rupees Forty five Thousand only) and Rs 35,000/- (Rupees Thirty five thousand only) per month respectively which will include all allowances such as DA, Tpt Allowance, Kit Maint Alice, Outdoor Trg Alice, Messing Alice and HRA.

(ii)     Annual increment of 3% will be entitled to all hired CIS.

  • Accommodation. Under own arrangements.
  • Leave.             Earned lye of 4 days per month will be applicable in
    addition to Sundays and National Holidays, which may be combined to a maximum of two months, that is 8 days at a stretch. Any cumulation beyond two months will render the leave to be lapsed.
  • Medical.         Medical facilities entitlement will be as entitled to the
  • Pension.           The employment is contractual in nature. There will be no
    pension liability in current appointment.
  • Uniform.    The ESM will be responsible for procuring, maint & up
    keep of his uniform. Khakhi Uniform and Combat disruptive. Details orders be issued later.
  • Posting Management. ESM while applying will give three choices of state for employment. The ESM hired in NCC will be employed in his first choice of State/ Union Territory, if he makes in the merit list of that particular State / UT. However the ESM selected & not making in merit list will be given option to be employed in his 2nd / 3rd Choice depending upon the vacs available in that state or in any other State / UT where vacs exists.
  • Training. 14 to 21 Days training for newly enrolled ESM will be carried out under aegis of ADGs/DDGs of State NCC Dtes as per modalities worked out by Trg Dte.
  • Booking of Expenditure.          Expenditure on account of
    hiring/outsourcing shall be booked under Major Head 2076, Minor Head 113, Code Head 550/03, under Defence Services Estimates.

Hiring Procedure

(aa) The hiring will be decentralized and delegated, to be carried out at State Dte level as per laid down Qualitative Requirements (OR). The broad sequence for hiring is enumerated in succeeding paras.

(bb) Hiring at State Dte Level.  The procedure to be followed by State Dtes for hiring of ESM will be as under:-

(i)     Notification.  The first step will be to release job notification indicating the vacancies at various locations of NCC as to what are the required qualification for these jobs and age qualification. Apart from these, the procedure regarding application and important dates will be mentioned. The notification will be given in any one Hindi and any one English national newspaper and two vernacular newspapers. The notification will also be published on the official website of State NCC Directorate and shared with all Regt Centres & army veteran placement agencies such as DIAV and AWPO along with terms & conditions for the hiring.

  • Application Submission.   Interested candidates will be required to submit their application online on official State NCC Directorate website portal as per the QR along with relevant documents as per the guidelines specified in the QR. The application will be submitted by the candidate in individual capacity.
  • Screening.     The application which will be received will be screened by a Board of Officers. This will be done to ascertain candidate meeting minimum eligibility criteria including educational qualification, age limits and relevant experience. The documents provided by the candidate will be validated by the Board of Officers and thereafter, the list of final candidates will be prepared for interview. The final list of candidates should be location wise where the interview will be conducted.
  • Interview.    Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview on the specific dates given by State NCC Dtes at specified locations to evaluate the suitability of the candidates for the subscribed vacancies.
  • Documents Verification. Candidates who successfuly clear
    the interview stage will undergo document verification to confirm qualification, age and experience.
  • Selection. After completing all the stages of the recruitment process the Board of Officers will select the most suitable candidates for the specified position and location including the Reserve list, which will be 20% in each category.
  • Medical Certificate.   After the selection, the candidates will submit Medical Fitness Certificates issued at the release from the Army. In addition, a medical fitness certificate (issued by the Civil Surgeon) at the time of signing of contractual agreement will also be submitted.
  • Contract Agreement.   Selected candidates will receive appointment letter by signing the contract with the State Directorates specifying the terms and conditions of their contract including salary, duration, location, responsibilities, date of commencement of their service and other entitlement aspects.
  • Induction. After the contract agreement is signed, the selected candidates will join their respective posts at designated location on specified dates.
  • Probation. The ESM shall be on a probation period for Three months from the Date of Joining/ Reporting on Duty. This period shall be utilized for orientation, training and grooming of personnel.

(cc) Timeline for Hiring of ESM.  An estimated timeline for the hiring of ESM by State Dtes is tabulated below:-

1.Publishing of advertisement in newspapersD Day 
2.Submission of applicationD+1D+15

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