SPARSH Mobile App by CGDA – Useful for Defence Pensioners

SPARSH has launbched mobile App recently for Defence Pensioners.

You may download it from the Google Play Store. This has app has been designed to facilitate the Defence Pensioners to access freely on their entire pension data using the mobile phone. It is very easy to handle and basic knowledge of android phone is sufficient to use it by any pensioner.

This app enables you to check your pension slip, PPO, Life Certificate, Grivance redressal and other activities as listed below :-

(a) Submit your Income Declaration
(b) Submit missing Report
(c) Claim Family Pension
(d) Submit Grievance
(e) Search Service Centre
(f) Check entitlement Details
(g) Download all documents related to your pension
(h) Submit Life Certificate
(j) Update personal and pension data
and many more servioce are available through this app

Link to download SPARSH Mobile App is – Link for installation of SPARSH Mobile App :

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