Today SPARSH Pension will be Credited to Defence Pensioners

In general the SPARSH pensioners are get their pension credited in their bank account on the last day of the month. Accordingly pension for the previous month also were credited on 29th Feb and some had receive their pension on 01 and 02 March.

As you got the SMS and Email on your mobile phone, it has been intimated by the Team SPARSH that your pension for the month of March is being credited the sme amount as was in last month. Increase in DR from 46% to 50% has not been affected in the pension for this month. According to the circular passed by the DOP&PW and MoD, arrears of DR for the months from January to March 2024 will be paid after payment of pension for the March 2024.

Today SPARSH Pension will be Credited to Defence Pensioners

So, you need not to be worried in this regard,. the increased amount of pension will be paid in arrears for the 3 months and pension for April 2024 will be included with the 4% additional amount of DR.

But the question is when will you get paid your pension in your bank account for this month ? As per the msg commu nicated by team SPARSH, your pension for this month will be paid to your pension bank account on 01 April , Monday. So, dont be worried about the pension not credited on 31st March 2024. Only after a few hours, you will get your pension in your bank account.

In the other hand a large of Defence pensioners has received their pension from SPARSH along with arrears for 3 months DR today , 2nd April.  So, you may expect that your pension also will be credited today by evening. 

To know details of your entitlements, you may check your pension slip and latest PPO available in the SPARSH Portal. To know better, kindly visit our website regularly. read this topic in hindi alongwith latest updates here –

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