Special Respect to Senior Exservicemen arranged by Defence Authority

Respect for ex-servicemen by the public authorities and society is vital, acknowledging their sacrifices and contributions to the nation. Governments in all sector mostly have policies and schemes in order to honor and guide veterans. Here are a few methods in which respect is shown to ex-servicemen. Recently, Naval HQ has taken a good step to recognise the contribution of the Senior exservicemen as the letter reproduced below :

Government Initiatives

  1. Pension and Benefits:
  • Governments generally provide pensions to retired servicemen, making sure financial balance after their years of provider.
  1. Healthcare:
  • Specialized healthcare facilities and offerings are often prolonged to veterans, addressing both bodily and mental fitness needs. ECHS with the service hospitals and empanelled pvt hospitals are in service to the veterans and their family members.

Three. Housing Support:

  • Some governments provide housing assistance or unique domestic mortgage programs for veterans, spotting their carrier.
  1. Employment Opportunities:
  • Special employment initiatives or alternatives may be in vicinity for veterans, assisting them transition into civilian life.
  1. Educational Assistance:
  1. Recognition and Awards:
  • Awards and medals are frequently conferred upon servicemen for his or her bravery and dedication at some stage in their provider.
  1. Memorials and Monuments:
  • Governments frequently set up memorials and monuments to honor fallen soldiers and remind society of their sacrifices.

Societal Support

  1. Public Recognition:
  • Society often expresses gratitude through public occasions, ceremonies, and media coverage, spotting the contributions of ex-servicemen.
  1. Employment Opportunities:
  • Private area employers might also offer activity options or unique applications for hiring veterans, acknowledging their competencies and area.
  1. Community Support:
  • Local communities may arrange occasions, parades, or social gatherings to honor veterans and involve them in numerous sports.
  1. Charitable Initiatives:
  • Non-income groups and people might also contribute to charities that specifically assist veterans and their families.
  1. Education and Awareness:
  • Educational establishments and media play a function in creating awareness approximately the challenges faced by using veterans and the importance of assisting them.
  1. Counseling and Mental Health Support:
  • Society acknowledges the specific intellectual fitness demanding situations confronted by veterans and affords help via counseling offerings and focus programs.

Overall, the respect shown to ex-servicemen with the aid of the government and society is crucial for fostering a feel of honor, gratitude, and inclusivity. It guarantees that the ones who’ve served their country are favored and supported of their transition to civilian existence.

Copy of the letter issued by Naval authority is reproduced below :-

INS Adyar
C/o Navy Office
Varuna Salai
Chennai — 600 009

257/RSU 19 Dec 2023

R Senguttuvan, Ex- MCPO,
EAR I 051299-R, ESM Member-1,
VSF Managing Committee Members (VMCM)
Chennai Charter

M Arun, Ex- MC Mech (AL) II
176359-T, ESM Member, Puducherry Charter

Commodore RS Vasan (Retd) President, Navy Foundation Chennai Charter


1.     IHQ MoD (Navy)/ DESA has promulgated that Naval ESMs who attain the age of 80 years. (Octogenarian), 90 years (Nonagenarian) and 100 years (Centenarian) will be felicitated as follows:-

  • Octogenarian. The existing practice of presentation of an Octogenarian crest along with a letter of appreciation from Cmde (ESM Affairs) will be continued.
  • Nonagenarian. A Sea Cap inscribed with ’90 years Proud Navy Veteran’, along with a letter of appreciation by CNS is to be presented to the officer/ sailor, on attaining the age of 90 years.
  • Centenarian. A Sea Cap inscribed with ‘100 years Proud Navy Veteran’, along with a letter of appreciation by CNS is to be presented to the officer/ sailor, on attaining the age of 100 years.

2.                 It is therefore, requested that the details of ESMs attaining the age of 80/ 90/ 100 years be forwarded to this unit, as per the format given below, at least three months prior to the date, in order to coordinate with IHQ MoD(N)/ DESA to collect Crests, Sea Caps and appreciation letters from CNS:-

S.NoNameRankPNo.DoBAgeDate of Commission/ EntryDate of Retirement/ ReleaseAddressMembership Number

Signatory authority

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