Summer Tips to Take Care Of Your Body

In summer heat increases so much that it is not tolerable.  Our entire focus is concentrated into two elements, one is heat and the other is dryness. I always say that what is going on outside is exactly what is going on in our body. So when dryness and heat increase outside, these two properties also increase in our body.

The fire element increases a little. So what should we do in summer? First of all, we should do some things to reduce the heat and dryness in the body. And the opposite of that, that is, the cooling property should be added to the body.

Along with that, the opposite of dryness, moisture should increase.   But generally we are doing the opposite and because of that, different issues raised i.e digestive issues etc. People can get heat stroke or get sick due to the changing season.

It is very important that you bring some changes in your diet and lifestyle. I am going to tell you 11 things that you can easily note down for your better health in this summer.

The Number 1 thing to do is that heat and dryness increase.  What does this mean? Cooling and moisture have to be given. So one thing is full of cooling properties and moisture. What is that? That is water.

And which is available for free. But we don’t drink it because we are very busy or we forget it or we don’t know its importance. When you feel thirsty, it means that your body is already 15% dehydrated.  It means that it is already late when your body signals you to drink water. It means that especially in summer, when we sweat so much, it is more important and there is so much heat outside. For that, we drink water on a regular interval.

So the first is enough. Enough means that in this season, you should drink at least 2.5 to 3 liters. Of course, it depends on a lot of things.  What is your age, what is your height, what is your weight, what is the overall body condition? But on an average, if I tell you, then 2.5 to 3 liters of water is the minimum that you should drink. If you need to drink more, then you can definitely add. Second, it is also important to drink enough.

How much do you drink on a regular interval? Some people drink a liter of water as soon as they wake up in the morning. And then in the evening, they remember and drink 500 ml or a liter at the same time. Don’t do that.

It is very  important for us to drink water on a regular interval. That’s why when you drink water, both moisture and cooling property are maintained in the body. Otherwise, the body becomes dry, the heat increases.

So have that very important. Don’t take it lightly. Everyone has told you to drink water. Drink water and still we don’t drink. And we take it very lightly. Don’t take it lightly.

Number 2 is add sweet, cold and liquid food to your diet. That is, add liquid, that is, water-rich food. Sweet doesn’t mean don’t be happy. It doesn’t mean you have to eat sweets. Sweet means eat everything that is naturally sweet. Like watermelon, muskmelon, sugarcane, grapes or orange. These are all things that naturally have sugar in them. It helps your body to give moisture and cooling property.

Along with that, you have to try to eat as much water-rich food as possible throughout the day. In which cucumber comes, your salad comes. It is as good as you can eat all those things.  Along with that, I will tell you what to avoid. But you must add this. Because the fire element increases.  So because of that, dryness and heat in the body etc. etc. Issues that come, it is necessary for that.

Now the third thing that you have to do is add cooling drinks. Now normally in summer, in winter, we want to drink a little cold, hot things. Want to drink coffee, tea, etc.  Want to drink herbal tea. Summer is such a season in which you are going to want to drink a little cold things. So in that you can definitely add buttermilk if it is a good quality curd.

You can have mango leaf. You must add coconut water. Because we lose a lot of electrolytes in perspiration.  And to replenish it, coconut water is amazing. Every day one coconut water you can definitely have. Along with coconut water, you can take mango leaf.

You can take saunf water, chia seeds water, lemon water. These are all cooling drinks. Add it like this.  Number four is take a nap in the afternoon. Now see, when it is summer, the days are long. So because of that, you are allowed to take a nap in the afternoon.

Because of that, your productivity also improves. And the elements to be balanced in the body can also be balanced well. Your focus will also increase on concentration work.  You will really have a very good sustained energy throughout the day. So how much nap do you have to take? 20 minutes is ideal. Maximum 30 minutes, not more than that.

But you can definitely take a nap. Eat vitamin A and C rich food. This is the fifth tip.

Vitamin A and C rich food. Why vitamin A? Because it gives you sun protection. When you give nutrition from inside, your body gets well equipped from inside.

So that the sunlight you take from outside or the heat comes, it does not damage you. It can damage the skin or the overall body. So vitamin A is in this.

You can have carrot, you can have tomato. Vitamin A is mostly present in all red or orange things. In fruits and vegetables.

So do eat that. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants. So it will help you build immunity.

You will not get sick immediately. Some people get a little heat for just two hours. You know, maybe a little bit of sunlight.

A little excessive. So because of that, you get a fever the next day. Or get sick.

Or things like cold come. It’s a bad thing. It should not be like that.  Our body should be able to handle it. Sometimes if something like this happens. So there is less immunity.

Eat vitamin C for that. The citrus fruits have vitamin C. Lemon, orange, etc. Capsicum, green leafy vegetable.

Now there are many more things with it. But I definitely want to give you a good news. Yes, my smile has increased a little more with good news.

Because I have brought such a program. Which I feel so far. Maybe someone has not talked about it in India.

Never talked about such a large platform. I feel that when we talk about diseases. We talk about stopping medicines.  To reduce weight. People talk about diet exercise. But actually.

As much as it works. Many times more than that. And that is your brain.  Because until the mind is not fixed. The mind has not been cured. Thoughts and emotions have not been cured. Until then your diet exercise is of no use. I am sorry to say this. But this is the truth.

No. 6 What you have to do is. How to wear your clothes.  How to wear clothes. That is also very important. Some people wear very tight.  And synthetic. Or such clothes. Whose material is very harsh.  Which increases your heat. In the body. So do not do this.  You can wear as much as possible. Light  & loose clothes and wear as much cotton clothes as possible. So that your body. The heat will not increase.  It is going to give a cooling effect from above. So make sure. That your body is cool.  Through clothes.

The 7th thing take a bath with Sandalwood powder.  Take some sandalwood   (in powder form) and rub it a little. You can put it in water and the paste that is made.  You take a shower so when you do this. Sandalwood has a cooling property. Very good cooling property. So that your heat and even the smell will be vanished.  You don’t have to apply perfume. It will smell so good and the smell of sweat because of that People who run away from us, they will not run away. So you can take a bath with sandalwood. So just add some sandalwood powder or its paste and then you take a bath with it.

Number 8stay at home at hot noon. You must stay indoors. As much as possible.  When you go out excessively. Avoid it if possible. Maybe when you have to go to buy something.

Or there is some work. Keep it in early morning or late evening. If it is in your control.

The rest of the time. Like early morning. Or the time of the night.  You spend it in nature. Because what happens. If we stay closed in the room all day. Then the freshness of nature. And the element of nature. It is necessary to go into the body.  It will not go. So early morning or late evening. Both of them spend outside.  The rest of the time in the afternoon. Spend it inside the house or in the room. It can also be an office.

Number 9. Digestive issues increase people. Diarrhea. Some people get loose motion. Different types of acidity increase. There are different types of digestive issues. Avoid one thing.

What to avoid. Number 1. Spicy. Oily and remove such things which is very hot. So, of course you should avoid having any hot drinks. As much as possible. But spicy, fried and oily.

Remove these three. Because it is unnecessary toxin in your body. And it increases heat.

Especially in this summer. Even packaged food. Which has spicy and fried things.

Avoid it. Eat light. Too much of sodium is also not good.

Number 10. Limit alcohol and caffeine. You should not take alcohol.

And as much as possible. Because it dehydrates the body. Increases heat in the body.

Soft drink should also be avoided. I know you want to take soft drink. But there is a lot of caffeine in it.

In most things. So avoid it. Number 11.

Workout. Workout as heavy as you can. Intense.

In which your body may not allow. Especially if the air-conditioned environment is not there. And you are doing it outside.

There are chances that you may get sick. Body may not recover. Avoid it.

Best form of exercise during summer. Yoga. Any form of light exercise.

In which. Your body does not fight. Excessively.

That I have to do a very heavy workout. Winter is the season. In which you can lift as much as you want.

But in summer. It depends on the person. But still.

Light exercises. Like yoga. In which.

There is a cooling environment. There is a lot of heat. Outside.

You can do it in moderation. These are 11 things. Remember it.

And in healing with emotions. Don’t forget to register your own seat. We will learn.

How to bring change here. You can bring change in your whole body. Yes.

And I promise you. You are going to learn something. In which.

No one has told you yet. That this can also cause a disease. We take so much stress all day.

We keep getting angry. And we have different negative emotions. Negative thoughts.

And how much it is damaging our body. We don’t know. We will learn that.

And what to do opposite of that. To remove stress. We will learn some practical techniques.

So. I will see you on 2nd of May. 2nd, 3rd or 4th May.

7 to 8 in the morning. I have put the link in the description. You can register from there.

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You can see that. Now. If.

These 11 points. You need to write somewhere. Do write it down.

And also let me know. Either in the comment. Or in the message.

What has changed in your body. And what else would you like to know from me. So I will see you very very soon.

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