The Brave Special Force of Indian Army : An incident in his word

” Suddenly, a whole like machine gun fire started on us. Accurate machine gun fire. Like, how chaos comes out of the darkness.” Said Major Jackob. He described the entire happening in this way as narrated below :-

So two seconds into that, and I just thought at that point of time that the man who stands now and returns fire, he’s the leader. So I stood up, and I started firing back.

The Indian Special Forces, for someone who knows about the army, it’s considered okay. This is like the most, for lack of a better word, badass part of the army. And there’s not much about that out there.

And I know it’s going to change in the next 10-20 years. But if the change had to begin with this question, how would you introduce the Indian Special Forces to the Indian audiences? Special Forces stand for efficiency. It’s the highest form of efficiency that a human being can achieve in this reality.

You send me naked in a mountain, and you leave me there, I’ll get back. And I’ll go and do what needs to be done. Because I’ve chosen that experience.

So that’s where the spirit comes from. So three years in the NDA, and then one year in the IMA, and then after all of this intense amount of ragda that you get, and you still choose for more, right? So it takes balls to fill in your volunteer form. From the moment you land up at that gate, from there onwards, your life shifts.

All your paraphernalia of your ego, and your perceptions of yourself, and all those things, they dissolve in the amount of energy which is expended, or you are exposed to. It just shatters all that is around you, and very quickly you are brought out from there. You come to realize about yourself a lot.

What your body is capable of, what your mind is capable of, what your heart is capable of, and what is there beyond when you give up, when you just let it all go, and you’re hanging by that thread of choice. Because it’s a choice you made. So you’re hanging by that thread of choice.

Constantly there. Constantly there. Even if Yamraj comes and stands in front of you, you’ll tell him, I’ll fucking put a bullet in you, man.

Get the fuck out of my way. You get through this process, and from what I hear, it’s a lot about breaking them, and breaking through all the layers, getting to the core. And the process of breaking those layers, some people’s cores break.

And those are the ones that leave. And the ones who are left with that pure core, they become more powerful. Well, now you realize yourself, you know what you are.

You just look back at what you have gone through, for this long period of time, you know, and then you realize that nothing is impossible. Nothing. Nothing.

Nothing. Do you feel that combat also continues your training process? Of course. Of course.

It’s like a painter who hasn’t painted. If a special forces soldier has, you know, you’ve gone through NDA, you’ve gone through IMA, you’ve gone through a lot of shit in life, you volunteered, you got into, you know, reached the Battalion Gates of Hell, and you reached there, and you’ve gone through a process of six months of getting screwed up, and this, that, and all that, and then, and then you have not seen combat, or you’ve seen very less of combat, you’re not there. So I remember my first combat experience.

What happened? I was sitting on top of a mountain. We had to go down and, you know, do what we had come there to do. So I was supposed to sit with the radio set and listen.

What my team commander told me, you listen and learn, that’s what he told me. Keep sitting there. See what happens.

So, I was sitting and waiting, and then the two squads, which were going down for the hit, they were passing by, just next to me. Yeah, they were going down. And I knew, fuck, they’re going for combat right now.

They’re going to experience it right now. And, the last guy was going, and I just told my buddy, I’m also going, bye bye. And I went down behind the last guy.

So I reached there, and I informed my team commander, that sir, I am here now. So he said, okay. And, obviously there is no extracting me back from there now, because the contact is going to happen now, right? So, he let it be.

It was my choice. So, and then, first op, first contact, first hit, that’s how I experienced it. I chose it.

There is no authority in combat. When the shit is flying and death is like constantly zipping around you, like, like, like, like that, there is no authority. There is no captain, major, colonel, brigadier, freaking no one.

It’s just you and the people who are there with you. And what are you going to do right now? That is what decides leadership there. That is what either keeps it all together or everything is destroyed.

In all your missions, you’ve not seen casualties to the extent where, you know, I don’t think you’ve taken a bullet yourself. Nothing. Nothing.

Every fucking time chaos has hit, right? Through that chaos, uh, never taken a bullet. Had enough of fucking bullets fired at me. I’ve had fucking weapons shoved in my face.

I’ve got a fucking, I’ve been surrounded by enemy. I’ve opened my hands like this and looked at him in the fucking eye and told him, it’s okay, I feel poor like you. Okay, kill me, man.

Fuck off. Right? And then look beyond what is death. To see what is there now. To see it and experience it like my whole life flashed in front of me. Three times it has happened, you know. Whole life flashed like that. It’s a flash. It’s beyond time. There is no time.

It doesn’t happen in a microsecond or a one second or a ten seconds or whatever. Just happens. So, yes, there have been a lot of out of control chaos which has come like that. Come suddenly. Come without warning. And got out of it, yeah.

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