OROP introduced in 2015 November with effect from July 2014 as per order of MoD, DESW

Based on the Instructions, Eligible veterans were awarded OROP first revision wef  July 2014

OROP  revision carried out in every 5 years  As per Govt Orders of 7.11.2015 by DESW

2nd Revision of OROP carried out  wef July 2019 after a long battle of Court in December 2022

Supreme Court has ordered that the Future revision of OROP will not efffecct with the Court order

Pension Revision under OROP will be carried out without delay when due

OROP 3 Revision is due accordingly in July 2024 and should be implemented in time

PCDA or DESW / CGDA  no Govt agency has communicated/published any updates on the OROP-3 implementation till date