White Card holders of ECHS : Know this Special Benefits

ECHS is providing the health care services for the veterans and their family members since 2003 and it has improved its quality of services since then with several new steps. Introduction of White Card is one of the most appreciable steps for the ECHS management.

White Cards are visually different White Smart Card which is being provided to some special category of beneficiaries as mentioned below: –

Entitled Category of beneficiary for White Card

(i) War Disabled/ Battle Casualty Veterans.
(ii) Spouses of War Disabled/ Battle Casualty Veterans.
(iii) Dependents eligible under Persons with Disability (PWD) Act-16.

What are the benefits available for White card Holders

As per existing provisions, White Card holders are given priority treatment at all ECHS polyclinics. They enjoy priority in being attended
by a doctor as well as in issuance of medicines at the Polyclinic. All PWD beneficiaries are not required to undertake annual validation.

Auth: – Central Organisation, ECHS letter B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/General corr dated 01 Dec 23.

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