Finally Jawans Won : Army Rules Should be Changed – Said AFT

Soldiers are always bounded with numerous rules and regulations which is very difficult to imagine for the civilian employees.  In every steps they need permission whether it may be in operations or in extreme personal family life and career.

In this article we will discuss such a permission related issue. Some conditions were there to accord permission to appear for the competitive examinations for the soldiers.  Those conditions were very peculiar and it was very difficult to get permission.  To overcome the problem, a soldier  approached the Appex Court  and got verdict on his favour.

While serving in the Armed Forces, whether you want to appear in UPSC exam or any other competitive jobs recruitment exams , you generally need permission from the OC unit which is very difficult to get for a JCOs/OR.

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Withour permission you cant appear, because, if you qualified the exam, the Armed Force will not leave you.  The matter reached to the Armed Forces Tribunal.

The Defence Forces have to change their rules. Every person has a personal responsibility and right to get opportunities for career advancement.  All  should have permission to appear exam for his career advancement or switchover the occupation/job.

Such situations mainly happened with Sepoy/ Nk.  What is the decision of the court?   The court has clearly stated that the Jawans should be allowed to join civil services. AFT has clearly directed the Army unit to release the soldier if he qualifies for a civil job.

The  Jawans  who had cleare the UPSC civil services examination, State level civil service examinations, are not allowed to accept the civil employment due to want of permission for appearing the exam.

To quit Armed Forces and join civil service in Gazetted class 1 officer post  is not easy for a soldier.  Even though if he qualifies and selected for the civil job, the Army not release him.  Finally they have left no option other than to approach the Armed Forces Tribunal.

AFT ordered to let them leave and join the civil service within two weeks. The case was filed by two Jawans who have cleared the state level exam.  AFT has ordered to leave them within two weeks. So that they can start their new career.

One of them had selected for the Class I Gazetted officer post through UPSC in the year 2021 and another qualified for State Civil services exam.  A Sepoy cleared the UPSC exam, state level Bihar PSE exam – its not a matter of cup of tea.

When they applied for release, the army has rejected their request and said that since they  have not taken our permission, they will not be released for civil services.    Finally the case reached to Delhi  A. F.T. After a long hearing and argument, The principal bench AFT has ordered Army that , you will have to release them.

Both of them sought permission online mode but refused/not responded.  According to the court, permission should be accorded by the unit, if one seek it for betterment of his career. 

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